RDS Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: A Battle of Dragons in the Fields With Blood Both Black and Yellow (First)

He was captivated. Spellbound by the one Wang Chao considered his sister. Someone that had irrefutably changed the entire direction of his life—Tang Zichen.

“You haven’t changed at all, sis. Even now, you look the same as before.” Wang Chao’s eyes met Tang Zichen’s. All that he could feel in his heart was jubilation. No longer was he a grandmaster with the aura of an experienced veteran. In this one moment, he was back to the young and naive teen from years ago.

Hesitantly, Wang Chao’s arm stretched out and back in several times before finally latching onto both of Tang Zichen’s hands firmly. To him, her arms may as well be the happiness he wanted for himself to never let go.

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Romance of Dragons and Snakes Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The Two Masters That Were Injured by Unscrupulous Youngsters

It’s been almost two years since the last update. I thought it’d be nice to publish one of the chapters I had on the backburner.

Unfortunately, I still have no intent on continuing RDS’s translations, but I hope this chapter will garner some interest from potential translators.

Loris and the Dream Garden Chapters 1-3 Teaser

I found this webnovel and was interested enough to do a small teaser.

It’s by far not a serious novel, just a lackadaisical webnovel someone wrote probably after reading Alice in Wonderland, seeing the music video of Shelter, and/or probably just high like I was when translating.

Chapter 1: Strawberry Heaven

Chapter 2: The Swing and the High Chairs

Chapter 3: Rose Carvings