Romance of Dragons and Snakes Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The Two Masters That Were Injured by Unscrupulous Youngsters

It’s been almost two years since the last update. I thought it’d be nice to publish one of the chapters I had on the backburner.

Unfortunately, I still have no intent on continuing RDS’s translations, but I hope this chapter will garner some interest from potential translators.

Loris and the Dream Garden Chapters 1-3 Teaser

I found this webnovel and was interested enough to do a small teaser.

It’s by far not a serious novel, just a lackadaisical webnovel someone wrote probably after reading Alice in Wonderland, seeing the music video of Shelter, and/or probably just high like I was when translating.

Chapter 1: Strawberry Heaven

Chapter 2: The Swing and the High Chairs

Chapter 3: Rose Carvings