Magic Apprentice



Written by: Topaz QD (蓝晶.QD)

A Swords and Magic Qihuan Novel


Legends had it that the demons and gods once lived together in the same world. Their strengths were the same, their natures were the exact opposite, but they had never came into dispute with one another. But then, for the sake of winning rights to control the human race, the “Glorious Battle” had finally broken out between demons and gods. After the battle, the amount of energy used in it had caused the entire space to be torn asunder and transform into many different worlds. After thousands of years, humanity had rebuilt their civilization and had become the masters of this world. However, both the demons and gods continued to try dipping their fingers into this world of humans and controlling it–

Unluck, son of a grocery store owner, was born within this era of fickle change. With an ineptitude to learning magic, he had nonetheless became the disciple of the lecherous and rogue of a mage, Victor. With three other friends born from trials and tribulations–Belladonna, Kite, and Jerry, they would be tempered by magic and begin their dangerous lives down onto the road that the later generations would refer to in their sacred writings as the “Prophet’s” Path of Creation….

Chinese Raws

Chapter 1: Apprentice

6 thoughts on “Magic Apprentice”

    1. Hello,

      Truthfully, I’ve been waiting on legalization for this series for the longest of times, but communication has been stalled in the meanwhile.

      As such, I’m not sure what the status is right now.

      Feel free to pick it up, though I hope we can talk a little more if I hear back from the legalization party.


      1. Hey,

        Thanks for replying! Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just started translating novels this month and I’m quite confused. What do you mean when you say that you are waiting for the legalization.


      2. Legalization as in the right to officially translate said novel. This opens up several more venues, such as an ebook release, or just plain out being able to translate without having to worry about legal issues.

        Novel translations has always been in the gray area legally, and with how the novel community is right now, attaining the legal rights for translation is slightly more possible.


      3. Thanks for letting me know!
        I might not start translating this immediately then if you haven’t gotten the rights. If you do plan to continue this and get the green light, I think you deserve to continue the translation.

        Thanks for replying!


      4. With how the community has been recently, I’m not quite sure how things will play out, I’m just happy that someone’s willing to do this novel.

        If you’ve any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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