RDS Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Attack From All Sides!

Liao Junhua’s “Chicken stance headbutt” had meant both of his legs digging into the ground. One leg was in the center while the other pointed up in a similar fashion to a tonfa.

But this “tonfa” of his had been still and had no power radiating from it as it blocked Wang Chao’s strike.

“With the head striking forwards while the hands are pushed away and the legs stepped on, even an Immortal would find it hard to defend against.”

This method of attacking had essence to it as Liao Junhua had simulated the form of a golden pheasant pecking at a grain of rice.

A practitioner’s leg ligaments were usually extremely hard and supple beyond belief. A single kick to the head wouldn’t pose a problem to it.

Liao Junhua didn’t wish to cause a fatal strike with his head and so made it so Wang Chao would send his leg at his head.

The headbutt of the chicken stance was a ferocious attack that struck at the center of the person with a series of interchangeable moves. It wasn’t as simple of using both hands to move create an opening for the head to strike.

“What a strong Pheasant Pecking Rice!”

Wang Chao’s Tearing Bite of the snake stance immediately grabbed onto Liao Junhua and broke out with Hidden Jin. In an instant, the sounds of a rooster could soon be heard. Both of his eyes couldn’t see a thing as the head of his enemy covered his entire vision as it dropped down towards him.

This was like a meteor striking down onto the ground with a swift nimbleness. If this were to make contact, then a fracture was the least of Wang Chao’s worries. His nose, mouth and eyes even would be smashed like a watermelon.

Furthermore, when Liao Junhua’s head dropped, Wang Chao could faintly feel the sand underneath vibrating as his enemy was using Jin.

A brilliant practitioner could use his entire body to sense his surroundings.

A former practitioner of the past once said, “The art of the leg must reach to even the very soles of the feat. Only by then could it be considered to be mastered.”

Wang Chao had reached such a level and so when he felt the faint tremors, he immediately gave up on the idea of kicking Liao Junhua.

It was fortunate that Wang Chao had felt and thought this through. Liao Junhua had planned for Wang Chao to use his leg to kick in the first place.

After Liao Junhua had used his legs to defend himself, Wang Chao felt himself powerless and vulnerable to having his face smashed in.

Although it was possible for him to cripple his enemy’s hands, it went without saying that his face and head was far more important.

Having his own head smashed like a watermelon for the chance to cripple Liao Junhua’s arms. This was a result Wang Chao did not want.

However now that Wang Chao had predicted the outcome, both of his hands loosened up and gave up the attack. Kicking backwards, his arms flew to his butt in the same manner of a monkey using his tail. As he leapt in the similar fashion to a monkey, Wang Chao’s legs slid across the sandy beach, leaving behind a long trail.

“Now’s my chance!” Liao Junhua’s chicken stance headbutt had been enough for Wang Chao to leap backwards. After that, he had been open to Liao Junhua to seize the chance.

Still in the stance of a chicken, his leg kicked at the sand, spraying sand into Wang Chao’s eyes.

At the same time, he borrowed the strength of his legs to burst with Jin and ascend like a dragon. His entire body seemed as if he was a lobster as he flew forward with both hands rising and falling sharply as if they were two pincers that were aimed at Wang Chao’s temples.

He had originally used the chicken stance to kick sand up to obstruct Wang Chao’s eyes. In that same instant, he transitioned to the dragon stance in order to fly forward to use both hands to strike at the temples. With the wind streaming into his ears, it could be said that his Liuhe Xinyi had already reached the extreme points.

When attacking by the sides, if not the waists, then aim for the temples. Both were still positions that could kill.

Wang Chao had used the monkey’s hop in order to fly six meters back. In the eyes of an ordinary person, this was a very long distance, but to the eyes of a practitioner, it was nothing significant. Liao Junhua was an expert and so he could easily charge the distance.

Such a display of transitioning like this had caused Dai Jun who was looking on from the side to feel extremely nervous.

“Junior disciple Junhua’s attacks haven’t degenerated at all even with his current status! That headbutt had transformed danger into safety and even gave him the advantage, how admirable! If it were me in Wang Chao’s place, then I would have to avoid the sand and then the attack from the dragon stance’s attack from the eardrums. How difficult!”

Dai Jun was a spectator, but he knew that he himself would find it hard to defend against. But moving against it was a different story. In a fight between experts, a spectator would not be able to see the entire fight, instead, the participants did.

When an expert entered a combative state, their mind was focused completely on it. Every single sensation, feeling and sensitivity would be at their limits, so often times when an outsider saw an impasse, there was often a coincidental move that could transform peril to safety that was discernable to only the fighters.

Liao Junhua and Wang Chao’s fight had only gone through two exchanges like a fight between the eagle and the hare. In an instant, their hands had drilled at each other with a hidden potential to kill with a power that was absolutely terrifying.

Unfortunately, this was not an official competition. If it was, then the entrance fee to see such a fight between these two would have been a hundred million.

At the same time, this was a princeling. Liao Junhua was a princeling of Junhua that was far stronger than Zhao Jun, Wang Xiaolei and Wu Yingda of the Ike Corporation.

“What technique!” At Liao Junhua’s work, Wang Chao had been utterly astounded by him. In the instant he had used the monkey’s hope to leap away, he had sand kicked at him before a dark figure flew at him with both hands flying at his temples.

The temples throbbed as it began to sense the stinging sensation from the enemy’s Jin. The fist had not landed, but the wind did.

In the eyes of such a dangerous situation, Wang Chao closed his own eyes and let out a slow breath of air. At the same time of the release of his breath, he slashed out with the Chopping Jin of the tiger stance.

Liao Junhua had caused “wind to stream into both ears”. Instead of dodging or defending himself, Wang Chao adopted the strategy of “You do you, I do me.”. Bending his waist, his left hand folded behind himself while his right hand formed the tiger stance while letting out the roar of a tiger. Like a meteor chasing after the moon, his arm chopped straight down onto Liao Junhua’s face.

This was not an attempt of Wang Chao defending himself. Rather, it was an attempt to assure the destruction of both sides.

And so he could accurately feel and plan what to do. Liao Junhua could break out with Jin even from afar and would bide his time for an explosive strike. And when he arrived at the temples, that was when Wang Chao would use his Chopping Jin to cleave the enemy’s head.

Wang Chao’s Chopping Jin was ferocious and nearly unimaginable in power. Even the air whistled as the space around the strike seemed to shiver.

Seeing Wang Chao’s fist, there was nobody that could believe that a human was capable of exploding outwards with such extreme power.

“Eh?!” When Liao Junhua’s hands were seven inches away from Wang Chao’s temples, he could only see a single palm coming down on him. The wind it brought with the strike was almost enough to blow back the air he was expelling back into his throat.

Quickly retreating backwards, Liao Junhua’s hands shook as he rotated them horizontally in front of him in order to defend himself from Wang Chao’s Chopping Jin.

Bang! Wang Chao’s strike had been firm, straight, and had about 750 kilograms backing up its power. On the other side, Liao Junhua’s hands had only just moved to protect himself so the Jin within it wasn’t pure and was weak.

When the arms from both sides made contact, Liao Junhua could only feel a sharp stinging pain before realizing that he couldn’t withstand the Chopping Jin anymore.

“Hou!” A large shout exploded outwards from his chest as Liao Junhua as he brought both arms upwards and the hair on his skin spiked up. At the same time as his arms came up, his back had resembled a dragon ready to dive before sinking downwards with a cracking sound from his back.

Push the back and sink the waist like a horse.

Liao Junhua had diverted the force from Wang Chao’s fist to his legs so as to avoid all the pressure from building up on his arms only. This way, his arms would not break.

Crash! Liao Junhua had forgotten that he was standing on soft sand. After diverting the force from the Chopping Jin to his legs, he had immediately sunk into the ground up to his knee almost.

His entire person had been like a tree trunk after Wang Chao had chopped him into the ground.

If he was on normal ground, then at the very most, the ground would have fractured. But now, he had plummeted into the ground, making it difficult for him to pull himself out.

Victory relied partially on luck and partially on skill.

The environment had also played a vital part in the outcome of a person’s victory. Zhang Wei had stepped on a nail and had subsequently lost. Today, Liao Junhua had fell into the sandy ground, this was also another example of unfortunate luck.

After being sucked into the ground, he came to stop, but he was unable to leap out. Feeling a sort of shock, Liao Junhua felt as if he was stuck in a bottomless pit.

“Not good!”

In this moment of fear, he had lost sight of Wang Chao who used to be right in front of him. At the same time, a gust of wind slapped into his back.

Wang Chao was a master of martial arts and had naturally made sure to take this opportunistic chance. Liao Junhua’s legs were now stuck and so his body was immovable. Taking the chance, Wang Chao moved forward with the footwork of Bagua towards Liao Junhua’s back and pushed out with his palm.

The reason why he didn’t use the Chopping Grab was because he was afraid that Liao Junhua would be able to block it at that moment. However, using Bagua, he would definitely be able to see a clear result.

This move was the “Following Posture Palm” of Bagua. Taking advantage of the situation, he had naturally moved with swiftness to attack. Although its strength wasn’t as strong as the Chopping Fist or the Pounding Fist, if it were to make contact with someone, then they wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Even Liao Junhua would have his spine severed and be paralyzed if this attack hit him.

In a battle between experts where their sensitivity was at its highest, experts would naturally spread out their Jin to wherever needed unless it was against a similarly strong opponent. In that case, there was no holding back.

Because of a miscalculation on Liao Junhua’s part, he had experienced a burst of fear which bogged his mind.

He was high in status and wasn’t weak in martial arts. As one that didn’t take risks, Liao Junhua had already prepared a failsafe before the fight with Wang Chao.

That failsafe: Dai Jun as a sideline support!

“Halt!” Sure enough, Dai Jun had been prepared to ensure his younger fellow disciple didn’t come across any harm. If he didn’t have Dai Jun prepared, then Liao Junhua wouldn’t have fought him in the first place.

As Dai Jun spoke, he flew forward with power bursting out from him. In a single moment, he had already grabbed onto Wang Chao’s arm accurately, preventing him from unleashing the fatal blow.

When Wang Chao saw Dai Jun interfere, his heart steeled itself. Taking back his fist and recollecting his breath, his foot shifted to the side and rotated to move around the left of Dai Jun.

“Could the two disciples want to fight me at the same time? No matter what happens, take advantage when you can. Man can be dangerous, and if the two of them come at me at the same time, then no matter how strong I am, I’ll be finished!”

Although he knew Liao Junhua and Dai Jun were both masters of martial arts that wouldn’t double team on anyone, but it was hard to predict a person’s heart. Wang Chao didn’t want to stop for even a moment just incase the two had already planned to fight him together.

Because of Dai Jun’s interference, instead of slowing down, Wang Chao’s attacks had gotten even more fierce.

His thought had been: No matter what happens, take advantage when you can. Then afterwards there will be a chance to protect yourself when they strike at you together.

Dai Jun had only just saved Liao Junhua from the fatal blow and so he had missed Wang Chao moving to his side, only hearing a brief gust of wind coming from the side. The wind fluttered at his clothes and caused him to feel a stinging sensation in his pores.

“What a person!” Sensing Wang Chao’s strike was far too ferocious, Dai Jun didn’t even have time to speak.

Dai Jun originally had no idea to attack him at all and had only wanted to break the fight up. Since the first strike from Wang Chao hadn’t been strong, he had planned on letting it slide.

But now, it was clear that Wang Chao had misunderstood him, forcing Dai Jun to have a bitter smile on his face. Immediately turning around, his body flickered as his hands pressed together to defend himself from Wang Chao’s sneak attack on his left side.

Who would have known that Wang Chao would have changed his manner of attack from a chop to a claw! The knuckles in his hands let out a snapping sound as it penetrated through Dai Jun’s defenses!

The knife hand of Bagua was comparable to the Chopping Fist. When Wang Chao had used the knife hand, he had naturally transitioned into the eagle claw of the “Chopping Grab”.

This one grab had streaked towards Dai Jun’s underbelly!

Dai Jun’s heart shook for a moment before withdrawing his underbelly! His entire body seemed to have caved in from the attempt, allowing Wang Chao to miss completely.

But Wang Chao hadn’t run out of moves just yet! With a squat, his other hand had came out towards Dai Jun like the tail of a monkey! With another snapping sound from his knuckles, his left hand grabbed below the underbelly and at Dai Jun’s lower half of his body.

This second strike had been similar to Zhang Wei’s usage of Wingchun. It was reliant on the knuckle joints and would break out with Jin throughout the entire arm.

One Inch Finger Jin.

“Not good!” Dai Jun had immediately realized the whistling sound coming from below. Wang Chao’s claws had been like the wind and were undefendable. All he could do was retreat.

At that moment, Wang Chao’s other hand that was behind his butt had pressed against the ground flew upwards. This time, he had thrown the sand that was carried in it.

This one combination of moves Wang Chao had accomplished had contained the move that had made Taichi grandmaster Yang Luchan famous within the Jianghu, “Crouch and Grab Sand” to throw into the enemy’s face!


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