RDS Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The threat of firepower

Fingering the golden card given to him by Chen Bin, Wang Chao pocketed it into his clothes. This was a good chance to bridge a connection to the Chenshi Corporation and was naturally not a chance to miss.

The organization had told him about the circumstances behind the coastal area and the underworld. Originally, he had thought he would need many days in order to establish a concrete working, but the situation now had been far more profitable than he had anticipated.

By morning he had reached Guangzhou, by afternoon, he had entered the underground fighting ring, and overnight, he had met someone famous.

“Things progress in the underworld far too quickly. With such a quick development, there will surely be a mistake. With any mistakes, there will be confusion. But that’s not too surprising. With the princelings controlling the entire area in every single manner without consideration, it would be strange for them to not develop this fast. Even the sun would most likely be under their control.”

After thinking for some time, he had a thought.

“After I return back, I’ll have Boulder report today’s work to the organization. After several days, I’ll have a better understanding of the underworld and pull out after that.”

Joining Lu Chengwen’s group was only meant to be a short episode of Wang Chao’s time in Guangzhou. It was mainly for him to get to know the basic situation of the place and was not something he was planning on staying with.

On the fifth of next month the gamble with Zhao Jun would be held. At that time, he would be putting out the entire assets of Tianxing Corporation, a prize that was far beyond the current status of Lu Chengwen.

This was what it meant to be a part of the dark fists.

But with the dispute against Zhao Jun, that was called a competition.

One was dark fist, one was a competition. Although both had to do with fighting, the scale of the bet was on a whole new level.

Ever since the princelings had made their way into the coastal area, the organization had gradually started to pull back their secret agents so as to avoid a possible political problem.

But withdrawing all of the secret agents would naturally be slow and would take several years. If Wang Chao wanted to compete with Zhao Jun, he needed new information.

As for the current plans of the organization, Cao Yi had made sure to explain it clearly.

In the past two years, the coastal area had grown more and more unruly with the outside powers being able to stick their hands into it. The organization had noticed how unruly it was becoming and knew that the princelings couldn’t be allowed to continue on like this. It was time for them to do something about it now.

Wang Chao would be the very first person the organization would use to start.

The organization would use Wang Chao to deal with the princelings and solve the problem with the law in the coastal area.

As for the others, Wang Chao wasn’t clear on the details since those were top secrets.

However, Wang Chao knew that if he were to not only win against Zhao Jun, but the other two tigers of Guangdong, then his prestige would cause no small waves in the Southeastern Asia world.

A name was a source of capital. With such a capital, then the organization would be much more willing in supporting a person. They would place them on a higher priority and let them contend with the princelings.

If he lost, then he would naturally lose his life.

But if Wang Chao didn’t join the organization, then no matter what the outcome was, his life was moot. Thus, he decided to join the organization.

The cause of all of this was rather simple, it was because of Zhu Jia.

But Wang Chao had no desire of blaming it all on Zhua Jia. It was only after Zhao Jun who had thought his life to be like the blades of a piece of grass had realized that Wang Chao was no mere ant. After making this realization, the situation had become to such a state.

“Even the organization don’t see my life as something worth rescuing over. Wait until the situation with Zhang Wei is over before something is changed.”

Every person had an obstacle to overcome right in front of him.

His was Zhang Wei.

If he won against Zhang Wei, then he would have the organization’s support. If not, then it would become a complicated situation.

“Ai! This situation is quite troublesome, I’ll be in danger for the next few days.”

Although it was impossible to quit now, Wang Chao was not bothered by this. He had treated this unfavorable situation like a mirror in which he could polish. This mentality could only be credited to the one year where he had followed the path of the Long March.

The journey had been long and hard and he had experienced many things. With all of the experiences combined, he had baptized himself and tempered his will to become as hard as iron.

In a split moment, Wang Chao had saw the way and returned to his path of martial arts.

Back when he had tested the Taichi master Chen Bin’s strength, he had already figured out a good grasp of her skill. She too had been at the Hidden Jin stage at the very least.

He hadn’t even needed to press hands against her, her words had given away more than enough information.

Chen Bin’s fist had been gentle but hard at the same time while her agility was extremely fast. Even Taichi’s art of pushing hands had been on par with Wang Chao’s own skill.

Just from what he saw, Wang Chao could already guess that Chen Bin’s agility was at the very least faster than Qin Maojiao’s white ape style.

“If it was me and her fighting on the stage, my chances of victory would probably be around 70%.”

The most crucial detail in a competition was knowing your enemy to get the full picture. One also had to take note of their movements and just how strong they were.

250 kilograms worth of power was not much different to 500 kilograms worth of power: both would kill.

While waiting for Wang Chao to arrive, Lu Chengwen had been utterly anxious. But the very moment he saw Wang Chao walk out, he was like a mosquito that had spotted blood and instantly swarmed around Wang Chao.

“You’re finally done, quick quick, into the car, lets go!”

Cramming everyone onto the car, it immediately took off as if chasing after the wind.

“This time’s profits is pretty good! According to the contract, you’ve earned yourself 200,000 RMB!” Lu Chengwen looked around himself while mentioning the aftermath of what happened because of Wang Chao’s performance.

Wang Chao couldn’t help but laugh to himself. The winning profits was at the very least several millions, so according to the contract, he should have been earning at least a single million. However, he had said nothing and only nodded his head.

There had been no spoken words along the way back to Guangzhou. But Lu Chengwen had began to treat Wang Chao differently now by preparing a three story building for him instantly. An environment like that was vastly different from the 60 cubic meter room from before.

“This is your 20,000 RMB cut. Take care of it well. What do you think, am I not a man of my words or not?! I’ll prepare for your next fight, and with your talent, it shouldn’t take even another month before you can earn a million RMB!” Lu Chengwen crowed before handing over 20 bright red bills.

His triangular eyes began to gleam as he muttered, “But you shouldn’t run around carelessly. The person you killed was a pretty important person, so there’s definitely going to be danger for you. However, you don’t need to worry. As long as you stay here, I can guarantee that you won’t come across any trouble.”

Seeing Wang Chao take the money, Lu Chengwen smiled in satisfaction with himself. Speaking to the people to his side, he said, “Let’s go now boys, we don’t want to disturb the expert’s sleep!”

“Brother Wen, what should we do now?” After leaving the room, Blacky had spoken to Lu Chengwen. “He killed the disciple of Xu Zhen, this is a disaster.”

“What should we do? What else?!” Lu Chengwen spoke dangerously. “A disaster is a disaster, but it’s no use worrying about it for now. Wang Chao is still our source of money. We’ll make use of this time to earn as much money as we can from him! Then when Xu Zhen comes, we’ll just hand him over, it’s not like we’ll be the ones in trouble!”

“But, brother Wen. This guy’s really strong, What if he earns any influence later on?” Blacky spoke.

“Influence…” Lu Chengwen picked at his nose without a care in the world, “Who cares if he has any influence? When people are on my turf, then even the Emperor himself wouldn’t be able to jump without me saying so.”

“Blacky, have even more people stand watch around the buildings, carry your guns! Don’t let him run away either.” Lu Chengwen glared. “Since he has angered Xu Zhen, he’s already a dead man walking. It’s just up to us to absorb any remaining value he has left! Go and find out what’s the next closest competition and then sign him up for it! Whether he lives or dies, I don’t give a shit!”

“Brother Wen is as smart as Zhuge Liang!” Blacky laughed darkly, “But, if it’s like that, why did we even bother giving him 200,000 RMB? Actually, why even give him cash? Wouldn’t a check do?”

“Idiot! With so much cash, if he wanted to run away, then it’d be cumbersome to take it all!” Lu Chengwen snorted.

“Ah, brother Wen is far too smart!” Blacky spoke out in praise, “I’ll get everything prepared straight away!”

Just as Lu Chengwen was conspiring against Wang Chao, Wang Chao was doing the same with Boulder against Lu Chengwen.

“Boulder, Boulder. My objective may be compromised!” Wang Chao spoke into his communicator, “Once news of the fact that I killed Xu Zhen’s disciples comes out, then the princelings will come to know about it!”

As he was sitting in the car on the way back, Wang Chao had thought about the next step to take. Originally he had planned on keeping a low profile, but after such a progression of the situation, he never thought that he had taken out the biggest fish in the pond.

Even when they returned, Wang Chao had instantly known that Lu Chengwen had something diabolical in mind when he had given him the cash reward.

As he spoke to Boulder, Wang Chao opened up the windows to his room only to see several dozen people down below.

“A man lacks the instincts of a tiger while the tiger has the intent to eat man. Thus, this cannot be blamed on me.” Wang Chao thought.

“Hey, Boulder? It’s time to come get me. But be careful, these guys are all carrying weapons for sure!”

“Alright! There’s weapons, I was afraid they weren’t carrying any! We’re soldiers from the China-India border, no matter if we’re in a city or the countryside, we wouldn’t be afraid of even their dicks!”

“Good! Then I’ll tell you about the layout of this factory.” Wang Chao knew that the suburban area was chaotic. There was often death to be seen here, and never would a police officer come to investigate. Even a gunfire wouldn’t invite any trouble.

Three minutes later, a faint sound could be heard, growing louder and louder with each passing second. Then, the concentrated sounds of gunfire could be heard like a series of firecrackers. That was when Wang Chao knew that Boulder and the others had arrived.

“Fuck, the Skymail Company men are at our door!”

“That fast?! No way!”

“It’s Xu Zhen’s men! The men from the Skymail Company aren’t that strong!”

“Hurry, they have a shit ton of firepower! They’re already within our turf, shut the gates! Shut the damn gates and hide yourself!” Lu Chengwen’s voice cried out to commandeer the other people. In his hand was a single gun as he shouted out loud to the rest.

The sounds of the iron gates could be heard slamming shut in the courtyard.

“You guys come with me upstairs.”

After seeing the gates close, Lu Chengwen had planned for several men to come with him upstairs. He knew that it was Xu Zhen’s men coming for revenge, so he was prepared to grab Wang Cha to negotiate.

“Boulder, hurry up!” Wang Chao spoke up.

Hearing Wang Chao’s voice through the communicator, Boulder’s voice could be heard, “Axe, take out the rocket launcher and take down that door! Blast that fucking shit down!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, there was a loud explosion! The iron gates had instantly been blown apart along with the surrounding perimeter. Wang Chao himself had felt his own room begin to shake.

The explosion that rocked the building had caused Lu Chengwen and the others to fall to the ground in terror. Several men had even been hit in the head with several loose bricks.

When the explosion had destroyed the iron gates and flew into the courtyards, everyone had instantly dove to the ground with their arms wrapped over their heads.

Lu Chengwen had been no exception. Diving to the corner of the building like a dead dog, he didn’t dare make a single movement.

“These China-India border soldiers are truly strong!” Wang Chao sighed in admiration.

In terms of skill, Boulder and seven other men wouldn’t be enough to be Wang Chao’s opponent. However, when fully armed, a hundred Wang Chaos wouldn’t be able to be a match for the 20 of them.

This was the power of modern day technology and firepower.

A country wouldn’t try to train any martial artists since it would take an extraordinary amount of time to do so. But if a country were to train soldiers, all they would need is to pick up a weapon and they could kill a martial artist any day of the week!

After the explosion, smoke could be seen rising in the air as several figures suddenly appeared from the nearby environment. Equipped with submachine guns, they began to rush into the courtyard.

It was Boulders and the others. Wang Chao could see they were all wearing a strange new type of helmet that had only displayed their eyes. The bullet-proof vests could be seen bulging through their camouflage clothing. Their knee joints had protective guards up so that they could roll through the bricked fields without a problem.

Their firepower had easily subdued everyone else before the courtyards could be transformed into a hornet’s nest.

This gang had absolutely no chance fighting against the army.

“I surrender, I surrender!” Lu Chengwen cried out in despair. Against such a group of troopers that seemed to have crawled out from hell, no one would be able to keep their calm.

“Throw down your weapons and walk into the courtyard!”

Boulder’s voice had sounded like Death himself.

Lu Chengwen and the other men all hastily threw down their weapons and ran out to the courtyards with their hands up like moving targets.

Seeing the situation stabilized, Wang Chao stepped out of the building.

“These soldiers are far too fierce, just how well did they handle this situation?” After Wang Chao descended downwards, he couldn’t help but think about the future plans.

Hearing footsteps coming downstairs, Lu Chengwen turned his head around only to see Wang Chao stepping downwards. With a high pitched shriek, he cried.

“It’s him! He’s the one that killed Qin Maojiao, there’s nothing between us! Go ahead and take him, don’t blame us!”

“That’s right! It’s him, that’s the kid! In fact, we were just planning on sending him to you tomorrow!”

“Capture him! Don’t let him get away, but watch out for his martial arts!”

“Let us go…ah…”

Several wails of panic could be heard.

Even a criminal gang would be terrified out of their minds at such a sight like this.

Bullying the weak and fearing the strong, that was the way of a gang. As long as they had someone stronger than them, they would fold like a house of cards.

Boulder looked at them with a look of loathing, “What are you blabbering about! The next person that speaks any bull dies!”

Utter silence descended upon the courtyard.

When Wang Chao walked into the middle of the courtyard, Boulder had immediately walked to him and gave him a look over.

“Anything wrong?”

“Against such a small amount of small-fry? Just how would we be injured by them? If we were having trouble with these guys, then we don’t need any enemies, we’d be better off hanging ourselves!” Boulder immediately replied to Wang Chao’s question.

“What a good guy he is!” Boulder had thought.

“Did you cause a lot of sound? Any guns or cannons? How many guys did you kill, what’s the casualties?” Wang Chao fired away.

“Don’t worry, this is an unimportant area.” Boulder spoke, “Despite the sound, there shouldn’t be any trouble. We didn’t kill anyone and had only fired off our weapons here. After our insertion point, we shouldn’t have injured or killed past 20 men here!”

“Y-you…” Lu Chengwen pointed a finger at Wang Chao with a quivering voice and body as he began to piss himself.

“Just who are you guys?”

Wang Chao ignored him and asked Boulder, “What should we do with them?”

“What a group of scum, if the public safety bureau doesn’t deal with them, then I’ll do my duty as a soldier for the People. We’ll take care of them.” Boulder spat angrily, “Let us deal with the aftermath.”

“Alright, hurry up then. Ah, by the way, there’s 200,000 RMB upstairs. Give that to the organization and say it’s our dues!” Wang Chao replied before walking out.

Several gunfire could be heard in response as Wang Chao left the courtyard.

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