RDS Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: With an organization, what is there to fear?

The morning wind had a misty air that felt refreshing to the skin.

Sitting on the train for the entire night starting at 7 PM, Wang Chao had arrived at Guangzhou’s train station twelve hours later at 7 AM. The train was filled with people, causing the train to fill with the stink of body odor, foot odor, food, oil, and many other smells that was difficult to resist, making some people want to vomit.

The moment the train had reached the station, Wang Chao had leapt out from the window in order to breathe in fresh air before feeling the humid air of the place.

On the road out of the rail station, Wang Chao had realized just how disorderly the place was. In a dim underground passageway, Wang Chao could just faintly make out the scattered syringe needles on the floor.

Even before he had gotten to the plaza, Wang Chao had already passed by three or four hotels. By the hotels, there were several middle aged women and dark skinned men that held their clothes and bags close to them as if warding off robbers.

Fortunately, Wang Chao was strong and robust. Despite carrying a large bag, he could walk safely.

At the plaza, a whole crowd of people could be seen. As Wang Chao’s eyes wandered to and from, his ears had picked up sound from every direction, only to realize several pickpockets rifling through the belongings of several people.

“Fucking hell, no profit here.” One of the pickpockets spoke as he ripped through another bag. When he saw no money, he had cursed out loud without any fear.

Wang Chao could see four pickpockets leer at a single middle age woman and advanced towards her. In an instant, the jewelry on her had been pulled off of her and her bag ripped out of her hands.

“What kind of city is this! Has the society here gone to the dogs?” Wang Chao thought with annoyance.

After several minutes, he had already seen more than a dozen pickpockets. Even if Wang Chao were to try and do something about it, he wouldn’t have enough hands to deal with them all.

“I’ve heard about the Knapsack Party’, but is there going to be a ‘Hand Cutting Party’ too now?” Wang Chao thought for a moment before turning away from the sight. In a moment, he had quickly walked away from the sinister place.

His killing intent had been roused to a high degree quickly, but when he had arrived at the public bus stop, it had begun to die down.

“There is too much evil in the world. With just my strength alone, even if I were to start a massacre, I wouldn’t be able to clean them all up.” Wang Chao sighed.

Wang Chao had already disguised himself up in a brown robe and worn out shoes. On his back, a canvas rucksack could be seen, making him look like a young peasant coming to Guangzhou for a job.

Taking out a phone book, Wang Chao fished out an equally old cellphone and called the number given to him by Cao Yi.

As soon as the phone call had came through, the sounds of a woman moaning and panting could be heard followed by the furious but coarse voice.

“Who the fuck is calling me this early in the morning!”

“Is this brother Wen? Brother Gao introduced me to you for a chance to do some fighting.” Wang Chao spoke in accordance to what Cao Yi had said before.

When Cao Yi was an undercover agent within the underworld, his identity was called Gao Dalou.

“Who’s that bastard! Ahhh….I remember now, Gao Dalou! That guy, what fight are you talking about….hold on….” Another small groan of a woman could be heard through the phone before the man’s coarse voice could be heard on a quieter scale, “Where are you now?”

“I just got off at the Guangzhou bus station. Brother Gao told me to call this number when I arrive.” Wang Chao spoke.

“Eh? Then come to the gym at Ersha Island. I’ll be there by noon.” Then the call was cut.

“Huh, this guy likes pretending to be mysterious.” Cao Yi had already told him before the man’s name was Lu Chengwen and was nicknamed ‘Brother Wen”. Other than that, he was their special connection to the underworld’s fighting matches.

As long as one made contact with him, then a person could quickly enter the underground fighting matches.

This was the nature and power of brother Wen. Before Wang Chao arrived here, he had made sure to understand the information given to him by the organization.

“And to think that I had wanted to come here when Zhao Xinglong told me about it. If I really did come, then I would have been an idiot. With the assistance of the organization, I know a lot more than I would have now, what a refreshing feeling.”

After the phone call with brother Wen, Wang Chao felt the miniature satellite phone vibrate.

This communication device looked like a button that was weaved into clothes and was one of the many high technical items provided by the organization.

“Serpentine Dragon. This is Boulder. We’ve already entered Guangzhou, where are you?” The quiet voice of Sun Lei could be heard through the button.

“I’m currently at the Ersha Island Gym.” Wang Chao spoke of his destination, giving them time to set up and plan.

Before arriving, they had prepared a codeword, and Wang Chao had decided to call himself “Serpentine Dragon”.

Slowly taking the public commute to Ersha Island, Wang Chao walked with an unsophisticated air. Upon arriving, he began to look all around himself by the gates like an idiot.

Not too long after, two males came running towards him. In an instant, they had grabbed at his bag and prepared to dash away.

“Eh?” Wang Chao instantly brought a foot up before smashing downwards with it onto one of the male’s knee. Crashing to the ground, the man began to groan in pain.

At the same time, Wang Chao’s hand lashed out and grabbed onto the hair of the other, preventing him from running away.

Just like a scarecrow, the man fell to the ground with both hands to his hair.

“Stop! We were called by brother Wen to test your skill!” The two males cried out before Wang Chao could do anything else.

“Ah, I’m sorry then.” Wang Chao spoke honestly, “I thought you two were trying to steal my stuff.”

“Hmph, come with me then. I’ll take you to see brother Wen.” The two males crawled up from the ground with a small glare at Wang Chao.

Without a word, Wang Chao followed behind them. After taking several busses, they had arrived at the edge of the downtown area where many shabby looking houses could be seen.

Continuing to walk for a while, the three men arrived at a car factory where oil could be seen everywhere. Many greasy workers could be seen holding clamps as they worked on several while also giving a fierce glare to Wang Chao.

“These aren’t car repairmen, those are knife wounds on their faces and tattoos on their arms.” Wang Chao concluded that these men were gangsters instead of factory workers.

Crossing into the factory, they arrived at a cemented room. Within the room, several sandbags could be seen with a muscular man kicking at it.

At the same time, there was a throne at the front of the room with a teapot and palm-leaf fan by the side.

On the chair, a 40 year old middle aged man could be seen. There was a mole on the left side of his face with hair growing out of it, resulting in a rather ugly looking face.

“This is Lu Chengwen.” Wang Chao thought as he looked at his face; Cao Yi’s reports had matched up with the appearances.

When Lu Chengwen saw Wang Chao, he began to measure him up straight away.

At the same time, the man that was kicking at the sandbags had stopped as well; the ruthless stare was all too obvious in his eyes.

“What’s your name, did Gao Dalou tell you to come here?” Lu Chengwen spoke. The two men by Wang Chao’s side gave a nod in an indication that they had already tested his skill.

Making up a name, Wang Chao had spun a story saying that he had learned some martial arts before getting to know Cao Yi (Who was called Gao Dalou). From him, Wang Chao had learned that one could make money from fighting here, and so here he was.

Because of this prior planning, no matter what Lu Chengwen had asked, Wang Chao revealed no holes in his story.

“Fine fine, you came here to look for a job. I naturally won’t treat you badly then. Sign this contract first!”

Lu Chengwen didn’t ask anymore questions and snapped a finger for one of the men besides to bring him a contract and seal.

“How dark!” Wang Chao thought when he saw the contract. The first reason was because of the fact that the manager was not responsible for one’s injuries during a fight. The second was the fact that 50% of the earnings would go to the manager. The third reason was that they wouldn’t be able to leave for five years after signing. There were several other stipulations that were tyrannical in nature and limited one’s self autonomy.

“Sign it once you’re done looking!”

“Hold on, how much money can I earn?” Wang Chao asked.

“Don’t worry, each fight can be worth at least ten thousand without a problem if you win!” Lu Chengwen spoke impatiently.

“Okay then!” Wang Chao used the red seal ink to sign using his finger.

He had no faith that a contract like this would matter much to him.

“I am a person from an organization meant to imbed myself into the underground martial art world. Boulder and the others already have the weaponry lined up. As long as I give the word, they would be able to send a single rocket launcher and level the place! What is there to fear?”

Thus, Wang Chao was not afraid.

“Good!” Lu Chengwen inspected the page before looking towards the man kicking the sandbag, “Snake-head, test out his ability!”

“The one called Snake-head gave a small ruthless smile before wiping at his sweaty shoulder and cracking the bones in his neck and fists with a loud popping sound.

“Snake-head, this kid just signed the contract, feel free to go all out.” A male spoke out blood thirstily from the side.

“Don’t harm his inner organs, just his bones will do. I like to hear the sound of bones breaking.” Another male laughed.

“Our regular practices are actual fights!” Lu Chengwen looked to Wang Chao, “When people enter this line of work, they must abide by the rules.”

“These men are quite cruel.” Wang Chao’s heart began to feel a wisp of killing intent.

“Begin!” Lu Chengwen moved to the side.

At the sound, Snake-head immediately burst into action and charged straight for Wang Chao. A fist headed straight for his chin while the other one protected his body. At the same time, a knee came up to strike him in the groin.

Wang Chao instantly formed a claw with his hand and caught his opponent’s fist. At the same time, his right elbow came smashing down like a spear onto Snake-head’s kneecap.

Kacha! The sound of a bone snapping could be heard as Snake-head’s knee and Wang Chao’s elbow made contact, leaving no one thinking if something had broken.

“Ah!” A miserable cry could be heard. Wang Chao’s claw hand had used Hidden Jin, crushing his opponent’s fist.

With no mercy, Wang Chao’s right hand shot out like a spear. With a simple palm strike, he brought it down onto his chest with a chopping motion.

Bang! With another smash, Snake-head’s chest had split open before falling down like a plank of wood. As he fell, blood came out from his nose, ears, and mouth.

Twitching twice, he had died!

Against a fierce person, one must be even more fierce to control him.

Hua! The entire place went into an uproar while Lu Chengwen looked at Wang Chao with a focused stare.

After a moment, he waved his hand, “Tie Snake-head up into a burlap sack and toss him out.”


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