RDS Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: When close at hands, a man is scarier than a country

Because of the linguistic differences, Wang Chao had been unable to communicate with the Tibetan girl, but he could tell that she was looking at him as if he was some sort of deity. With several choice hand signals, he had managed to ask for directions, which the girl had returned in response as well as gifting him some butter tea and some highland barley. Watching is figure drift farther and farther away, she turned towards the broken pieces of stone before kneeling and bowing towards it while muttering, “Mahākāla! Mahākāla!”

TL Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mah%C4%81k%C4%81la

Mahākāla was a Vajrapani protector deity that was prevalent in Tibetan Buddhism.

What Wang Chao didn’t know was that his display of strength after coming to an understanding of the mysterious hidden Jin was mistaken to be an act of a deity.

After three days, he had arrived the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. After some rest, Wang Chao began to walk down the “Heavenly Road” towards Lhasa.

This “Heavenly Road” was the railway between Qinghai and Tibet. Known to many as the Roof of the World, it was truly a wonderful thing.

On the road, there was a single railway that was protected by several soldiers. There were also several maintenance workers that looked at Wang Chao with a strange look.

Another month later, Wang Chao had arrived at the capital city of the Qinghai province, Xining City. Not too long after, he began to head north towards the Gansu province, then the Shaanxi province, the Shansi province, and then towards Beijing. It would be here that he would go back to see the grandfather Li in the military district.

By now, the year was already nearing its end. The snow in Beijing was swirling with a magnificent sight.

Another year had passed. Another year had finally passed.

Time continues to cycle with everyday being the same. There was never an alternate life or any variation to it.

But Wang Chao was not the same Wang Chao as last year.

Grandfather Li was as simple as he was last time, the only difference now was his age. He was nearing 100 years old now, and despite the depthness of his martial arts, he was not able to go against the passage of time.

Seeing Wang Chao come, grandfather Li was astounded. The reason behind his shock was that those eyes that had seen many things and experienced many change had seen the world turning transformation Wang Chao had gone through.

When Wang Chao saw grandfather Li, he spoke no words and instead moved into a Bagua stance.

Wang Chao’s movements were nimble and smooth as if he was gliding across ice.

In the final sequence of his stance, Wang Chao’s final eight steps had been light and sound less, like feathers floating towards the ground.

The cement ground of the military district had eight distinctive footprints from where Wang Chao had stepped on in relations to the directions.

Wang Chao was even barefoot, so the cement had even displayed the imprints from where the veins were slightly bulging out from his feet.

“Ai!” After watching, the elder had not spoken any words of praise or even any words for some time. Sighing, he spoke, “My time is not long, but with your unparalleled support for the Bagua sect, I can rest assured.”

Letting out a deep breath of air, Wang Chao closed his eyes to relax. “I can only use the Hidden Jin during these eight steps. I can also spread out the Hidden Jin within the extremities of my hands and feet, but that is my limit. I am not yet one with the universe and cannot force my Jin like needles. When I break out using my mentality, it is far more consuming than breaking out with my muscles.”

“For the entire body to break out Jin in a needle like manner, that is the Transforming Jin. To be able to circulate the Hidden Jin to your hands and feet is already considered quite decent. The Clear Jin uses the muscles to attack while the Hidden Jin uses the intent to attack. The two cannot be said to be at the same level. To try and issue Hidden Jin without the intent is to instead lose an extraordinary amount of stamina.”

Wang Chao nodded his head as if understanding the reasoning behind the grandfather’s words.

Hidden Jin was the explosive break out of intent. If a person was shaken or angry, then they would instantly be covered with sweat and their arms and legs would be unable to move. This sudden explosion of effort would reach a peak and drain away all stamina.

With Wang Chao’s current strength, he could strike out a hundred times with the Clear Jin without feeling taxed. But with the Hidden Jin, he would be fatigued after five blows.

Thus the strength of the Hidden Jin couldn’t be easily used. One would have to be careful with it during a fight.

Without another word, Wang Chao turned away and began to walk out.

Walking from Beijing to S City, the time had already flew to the spring time in March.

Returning home, Wang Chao immediately looked for his mother and father. It had already been a year since he had left home with barely any message so they had been extremely worried. “You said you went to travel, but it’s already been a year! How did you lose so much weight, are you just skin and bones now?”

Needless to say, Wang Chao’s skin was completely brown now without any excess fat. However, the chiseled parts of his body was hidden away and his gentle eyes occasionally had a strange expression to them. His temperament was a bit more reserved than last year, but not as shy.

After consoling both parents, Wang Chao had returned back to sis Chen’s villa.

Because there had been no one to clean to the house for a year, the villa was filled with dust. Fortunately, he had been able to pay for the house fees in advance, so the utilities like water and electricity had not yet been stopped. After a brief moment of cleaning, the villa looked new once more.

After training by himself for another three or four days, Wang Chao felt as if his face was glowing. His body was back in its peak form and was familiar to himself once more.

The journey all over China had taken a year, and while it had purified his heart and tempered his will, the outdoor camping and restrictive meals had not been good on his body. If it were not for his training, then any regular person would have died a long time ago.

Returning to the peaceful calm, all of his fatigue had drained away and returned his body to its optimal state.

“Kid, where in the world did you go for an entire year?” Cao Yi had said straight away. Without speaking too much, Wang Chao explained himself succinctly.

After getting in touch with Zhang Tong, she had been amazed to hear Wang Chao return and had expressed her wish to see him.

After thinking, he replied, “I still have to go to the dojo and report in as an instructor. After that, chief Cao will be seeing me, but we could eat a meal together.”

“Chief Cao? He’s the public safety bureau vice head of the province and the second political commissar of the province isn’t he? When you called him, didn’t you ask him?” Zhang Tong spoke much to the shock of Wang Chao.

Even though he had uncovered a large drug trafficking and won plenty of fame, was it that much for him to rise through the ranks that fast? Although his official title was a support member and not an actual participant, could he become a vice head of the province in just three years? There was definitely some doubt to what was happening.

Did Cao Yi have some relative in the central government? Or was this a part of his secret identity?

Wang Chao then gave a phone call to Yao Xiaoxue and Zhao Xinglong in order ask about how the business was going. Sure enough, the business was going well. With the government working with them, it was harder to not be making a profit.

Last year, the Tianxing Networking had won the bid to right to construct internet towers all over the nearby towns and countryside. For a fifteen million RMB project, they had managed to also get rid of any middleman fees and earned a total of 9 million RMB. At the same time, they had managed to earn even more business from the government with barely any effort. This had thus increased the net worth of their company to several ten million.

Business was booming with projects in hardware, software, technology, and internet projects. Located in Computer City, their entire shop was now looking extremely grand.

They had even hired several hundred employees, causing Yao Xiaoxue and the other girls to become celebrities within the province and made it onto the top 10 influential youths of the year.

Yao Xiaoxue had even planned to make her way into the province’s committee member, and in three or five years, she would create an even larger building and make the company well known within the country like Shanda, The9, Tencent, Alibaba, and the rest.

“In five years, Tianxing Networking will even be on the NASDAQ stock market in America!” Yao Xiaoxue had spoke with excitement over the phone.

“This world is far too crazy.”

Wang Chao had though the situation almost inconceivable at first, but after thinking for some time, it didn’t baffle him too much. With Yao Xiaoxue pulling in Zhu Jia’s cooperation as well as the committee party, the municipal secretary and the new political upstart Cao Yi, then they would be able to tear off the skin of a tiger and use it as their war banner. Combined with several of the other girl’s public relations, then earning several ten million wouldn’t be impossible after a year.

But what Wang Chao had secretly felt was that the four girls were extremely complicated.

“Who knows what they might have done for the sake of public relations….”

Shaking away the unhealthy thoughts from his mind, Wang Chao called up Zhu Jia’s number, but much to his surprise, the number had come up empty. Zhu Jia must have changed her number.

Letting out a small sigh, Wang Chao walked into the dojo.

Just like in the past, Wang Chao reached the top and met up with Li Wanji.

The moment Li Wanji saw Wang Chao, she had been stunned for a moment before a look of respect appeared on her face.

After a moment, Zhang Tong, Cao Yi, and Zhao Xinglong had arrived.

When Zhao Xinglong had seen Wang Chao, the two couldn’t help but spar against each other. Wang Chao had truly made a huge leap in strength however, with a single press of their hands, he had sent Zhao Xinglong flying.

Another press, another trip backwards. After being sent flying back five times, Zhao Xinglong had given up dejectedly.

“This kid, he has trained to a strong degree already. It seems it’s time for me to accept it.” Cao Yi had seen the events clearly, his eyes shining quite brightly.

“Come, let’s go eat a meal.”

Just as they were about to head out, there was a sudden voice that called out to them.

“Chief Cao, Chief Zhang, if there’s a banquet, why haven’t you called me up?”

A well proportioned fair skinned man with gold rimmed glasses could be seen walking forward, it was the second son of the governor, Zhao Jun. Right by his side was a 30 year old man that wore a Tang suit and cloth shoes with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

When the man saw Wang Chao, he began to size him up before seemingly giving a look of approval.

“If it isn’t Chief Zhao! Weren’t you in Guangdong for your business, what brings you back to the province?” Cao Yi responded in greeting.

“A visit, that’s all.” Zhao Jun spoke with a deep voice, “The more important thing was that master Zhang had heard that there was an expert here and wished to see him.”

“Allow me to introduce him. In the southern Wushu world, he is known as one of the three tigers, master Zhang Wei.”

After making his greetings, Zhao Jun walked up to Wang Chao and shook his hands. Then, he leaned in and began to whisper.

“Master Wang, you are truly skilled. After sending out so many people, you weren’t injured? How strong and valiant you are.”

“So it really was you?” Wang Chao thought back to the axe wielders from a year ago. His eyes had turned frosty with a dangerous gleam to them.

“Well spoken. Very well spoken.” Zhao Jun whispered, “I was only admiring master Wang’s martial art and wanted to test it. I didn’t think that it would be so high however. But, I heard that you didn’t escape unharmed, how embarrassing of me, do forgive me for that. After master Wang had disappeared for a year, I immediately came back after I had news that you returned to give my apologies in person.”

“Haha…” Wang Chao smiled forcibly.

“No no no, you shouldn’t harbor any bad feelings!” When Zhao Jun saw the look in his eyes, he drew back his hand quickly, “Master Wang, it is better to bury the hatchet. I came here this time to exchange my banners of war with banners of silk. Of course, to show my sincerity, I had helped contribute to master Wang’s company…the Tianxing Networking! If it weren’t for my dealings, then those female managers of yours would have been paying with their bodies for the official’s business.”

“Ah!” Wang Chao rolled his eyes as he felt the mystery behind Zhao Jun, “What are you planning now?”

“It’s simple really, my business right now requires several strong men to help me. A year ago, you passed my test to join up with me! With the two of us combined, there will be money if you need it, and power when you want it. My business is currently 50 to 60 million RMB strong and is waiting for your company to join with mine.” Zhao Jun smiled.

“And if I don’t?” Wang Chao spoke impassively.

“Then I am regretful to say that your power isn’t a match for mine. If you do not agree, then your company will fall apart within a year while yourself may find yourself in another incident.” Zhao Jun spoke.

“Haha.” Wang Chao suddenly smiled, “Second son of Zhao, your stick and carrot approach isn’t bad, but unfortunately, with all that power, you’ve forgotten several important words.”

“Which words?” Zhao Jun spoke.

“When close at hand, a man is scarier than a country.” Wang Chao smiled, “Don’t you think you are awfully close to me? If I want to kill you, even if you had a country backing you up, it’d be useless.”

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