RDS Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Using bamboo as a spear in a bloody battle in the alleys (First)

Wang Chao’s reaction had been extraordinarily fast. The very moment he felt the stinging sensation in his nose, he knew that it wasn’t good and immediately shut his eyes closed. Grabbing onto both shoulders, he imitated the movements of a cicada and brought his clothes around his head.

Lazy donkey laying on the path!

His entire body fell to the ground and began to roll on the snow in an attempt to throw off any of the powder from his body. As he rolled around, his body suddenly slammed against the wall of the alley.

With a crash, his entire body flew up from the ground like a monkey. With one hand, he grabbed at the bamboo pole a resident used to hang clothes with during the daytime.

This bamboo pole was three meters long and was extraordinarily firm like a spear.

Wang Chao held the bamboo pole high in his hand while the other hand swiped at the powder still on his body. Then, grabbing the pole with both hands, he weighed it as if trying to get a feel for the weapon. Without another word, Wang Chao’s leg and waists shifted as if he was riding a horse. The pole was his spear and his arms shook slightly, transforming the pole to become a snake before striking swiftly towards the closest person’s throat.

Borrowing the power from his forward momentum, the three meter long pole struck a person in the throat.

With the light sound of the throat being smashed, the man who was struck stumbled weakly before a faint gurgling sound could be heard as he collapsed.

His throat joint had been broken.

Wang Chao had practiced martial arts for two years with great success. His aim was deadly and although he was not yet at the stage where he could slap and kill a fly on glass without breaking the glass, hitting someone in the throat without any slipups was something he could do a hundred percent of the time.

In this moment of life or death with his life on the line, Wang Chao wouldn’t hesitate to kill.

He had already seen death. Whether it was from gunfire or from fighting, he had thrown away all of his apprehension. Growing heartless and letting his fighting spirit prosper, he would kill with a bright spirit if need be.He wasn’t like a crazy animal however, wherever the wind blew, he would be able to listen and act on it.

The pole struck out in quick succession three times, bang bang bang! Three men had their eyeballs stabbed into, forcibly popping out their eyeballs and making them cry tears of blood. An injury like this would only be manageable by a soldier specially trained.

But these three were not soldiers of the battlefield. Likewise, they were also not like Xiahou Dun from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms who after being shot in the eye with an arrow, took the arrow and devoured his own eyeball without fear. When their eyeballs fell, it stayed fallen.

By this point Wang Chao’s eyes had already adjusted to the poor visibility within the alleyway and could see just who was fighting him.

Each one of them were around 30 years old with a vest, crew cut, and wore jeans.

After Wang Chao had stabbed those four men, his arms had gone numb. These were people he was fighting after all, not sandbags.

In that brief instant, Wang Chao could see that everyone began to grow afraid and took three steps back before quickly charging back at him.

These clearly weren’t the regular weak bellied and powerless gangsters born from unable parents.

This axe only gang that was willing to risk their lives without too much fear was already comparable to the Axe Gang from Shanghai.

Being assaulted by 20 or 30 men with axes and then using quicklime powder to blind the eyes was the tactics of the underground criminals one could see on the TV dramas.

Wang Chao never would have thought that such a thing would happen within the peaceful lands of mainland China, let alone to him!

This place was considered a part of S City. And while there were the small slums to the city with gangsters walking to and fro, they were small time that wielded guns or clubs. But they would try to intimidate people and avoid any casualties. When the police came, they would all instantly scatter like fleas as well.

But with their current tactics to capture Wang Chao, they were clearly worlds apart from a small time gangster. They didn’t charge in blindly like hornets in their nests, they approached when needed, and retreated when necessary.

Wang Chao clearly knew that with his strength, footwork, nimbleness and the environment, beating 20 regular gangsters barehandedly would have been no problem at all.

And if they had clubs, all it would take would be for them to charge in all at once for him to end the battle.

But these men didn’t charge in chaotically and stood in position. They hadn’t even flinched from the blood and fled. And so Wang Chao had placed them in a different level where injuries might be unavoidable.

With the opponents using an axe, the circumstances was different. Humans were frail after all. Being hit with sticks is different than being hit with an axe, it didn’t take a person with a brain to figure that out.

And so Wang Chao’s first course of action was to find a weapon. There was no way he would fight against these 20 or 30 men with his bare hands.

The situation was quite dangerous now! Although he was relying on his own nimbleness to avoid attacks like from the powder and then using a weapon to strike out at four people, there were still many ten people or so at his front. There was also another ten or so at his back. As long as the two combined forces, then Wang Chao’s body would be cut into pieces! Being able to see your companions be killed but still not run from danger was what one could be considered to be a soldier.

In ancient history, there were many experts that were unable to get past the first trap. By absorbing this knowledge, Wang Chao could avoid this powder trap to blind his eyes, making him a remarkable person already.

“Ah!” His Qi began to expand was Wang Chao’s tongue began to prickle as if electricity was running through it. His body charged forward with the bamboo pole stabbing out towards the people in front of him.

In an instant, he had accessed the current situation. Wanting to beat up them all right now would be an unrealistic outcome.

If he was in a wide enough space with the spear in his home instead of the bamboo pole in his hands, then Wang Chao would have been confident enough to take them all on. But right now he could only try to cut a bloody path through the alley to the main roads. If he was able to do so, then no one would be able to catch up to him.

Pa! The bamboo pole was not as rigid and inflexible as a spear in the end. After stabbing out the eyes of another three people, it had finally been caught by someone and splintered in half after being cut with the axe.

While his bamboo pole was strong at stabbing the eyes and throat, any long ranged weapon would not be able to be utilized well with so many people in such a cramped area.

At the very instance that Wang Chao’s bamboo pole had been broken, the remaining men cried out in excitement as they charged at him.

At the same time, the ten people behind him began to charge at him as well.

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