RDS Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Job introduction

“Jingjing, isn’t your house that way?” Wang Chao spoke to Cao Jingjing as they walked after realizing this wasn’t the regular way back to her home.

“My family has several houses. My dad bought them a few years back. He said that house prices were appreciating, so it was time to invest. He also said that as a police officer, he has arrested many men who would want revenge. So a few more hiding spots would be good. After the events that day, I moved here.” Cao Jingjing spoke with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Even a rabbit has three burrows, but he has multiple homes to hide in…” Wang Chao couldn’t help but laugh at his thoughts before nodding.

“What bad thoughts are you making up now? You’re definitely badmouthing my dad.” Cao Jingjing stopped before giving Wang Chao a look.

“Ha, you can see even that?” Wang Chao was surprised before thinking, “No wonder men say that a woman’s intuition is the scariest. It seems the rumors are true.”

“Hmph, with the many plots your scheming of inside, do you think I wouldn’t be able to see through it?” Cao Jingjing spoke with a proud smile.

“Woah, car!” Wang Chao didn’t wish to spend anymore time nagging about this and hurriedly ran over to the bus. From there, they traveled to a rather luxurious neighborhood.

This neighborhood was the most recent developed district where many influential companies had bought. The location was quite nice and had sold for 4000 or 5000 RMB a square. Naturally, compared to Tang Zichen’s villa in Lake Tianxing, this was nothing much. But even like this, Wang Chao’s family wouldn’t be able to afford even a kitchen and toilet even if they sold everything.

“Eh? Why isn’t it miss Jingjing.” Just as the two were waiting for the elevator, the doors opened, revealing a rather pudgy middle aged man and a heavily dressed up woman with cherry red lips and a alluring figure.

“Uncle Zhang!” Cao Jingjing spoke, “What business did you have here?”

“I heard that your father was getting better, so I came to congratulate him. This is Aria.” With that, the man called uncle Zhang motioned for the woman behind him.

“I didn’t think that Jingjing would grow so beautiful. Aunty doesn’t have anything to give, but since this is our first time meeting, take this for your new year gift.” Aria spoke with a smile before taking a precious jeweled ring. “Here, this is for you.”

This ring had an illustrious glow of a sapphire, showing that this ring was worth a decent sum of money.

“Aunty Aria, I can’t have this.” Cao Jingjing secretly gave Wang Chao a look as she placed her hands behind her back, “Uncle Zhang, you work so hard to earn money while being friends with my father. There isn’t a need to spend money on me, I will happily accept your kindness and pass it on to my father. They say that a friendship between gentlemen is as inseparable as water. My father is a good police officer, he and you do not need any gifts to remain so, isn’t that right? While this is a nice gift, there is no need for such a thing.”

Uncle Zhang was stunned for a moment as was the lady Aria. At first he had been embarrassed, but hearing Cao Jingjing’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Haha, Jingjing has quite the future ahead of her.” Uncle Zhang nodded his head in approval. “Cao Yi has a good daughter. Jingjing, when you get accepted into Tsinghua University, then your uncle will congratulate you then.”

“En, then it’s a deal, don’t go back on your promise!” Cao Jingjing waved the two people away before joining Wang Chao in the elevator.

“Cao Jingjing really knows how to behave herself? Why didn’t I see this behavior before?” When Wang Chao saw this, he felt as if he had gained a new layer of understanding of her.

The elevator stopped at the 28th floor as Cao Jingjing opened the door with her card and passed through a wall of glass. This was the living room, but as they walked into the corridors, Wang Chao’s eyes lit up at the expansive place.

“Dad, I brought Wang Chao!” Cao Jingjing swapped out her outdoor shoes for a cute bunny slipper before calling out to her father.

“Come into the sports room!” Came out the loud voice of Cao Yi.

“Hmph, you can go in by yourself, I’ll be in my room studying. The sports room is over there.” Cao Jingjing pointed before turning away and walking to her own room before closing the door behind her.

Slowly walking for the direction Jingjing pointed him to, he saw a room that was presumably the sports room.

Without any more words, Wang Chao opened the door only to be assaulted in the face with a strong wind. Against such a surprise attack, Wang Chao didn’t move completely out of the way and had only turned to the side with a bent waist as he prepared himself into the Pounding Fist posture. A single step forward had already shook the floor of the building for a moment.

An exchange of fists! Wang Chao’s strike was almost as if he had struck iron, but Cao Yi’s face grew astonished as he hurriedly flew back with an injured look. But recovering quickly, he charged back towards Wang Chao.

Wang Chao stepped back one step at a time before seeming as if he was a monkey ready to strike at a hornet’s nest before leaping backwards.

His posture resembled that of the Monkey stance from Xingyi Quan, it was also called “Monkey Poking the Bee’s Nest”

When a monkey stabs the hornet’s nest, they are afraid of being stung. For a final last effort dash, they would leap backwards with an incredible distance.

When he had leapt, Wang Chao’s heart skipped a beat as he grabbed onto the door. With a mighty pull, the door closed and closed Cao Yi within the room.

This “Monkey Poking the Bee’s Nest” involved leaping backwards and close the door to protect himself. It was just perfect for usage around a suitable environment to evade any attack.

Crash! Upon leaping backwards and closing the door, Wang Chao leapt backwards once more as he prepared. Then, with a sound like a thunderclap after adjusting his vertebrae, he leapt forward.

His entire body flew forwards as he borrowed the power of the ground to accelerate, High Pounding Fist Jin! A fierce blow without mercy onto the door!

Bang! The entire floor rocked to the bang as the wooden door was smashed inwardly to the room.

Cao Yi was just about to open the door before the strike, but he hadn’t thought that Wang Chao would act in such a violent matter. Being forced backwards after the door had smashed into him, he steadied himself with some difficulty as blood streamed down his nose and onto his chin.

He had been forced to have a nosebleed by the door to his own room.

“Wang Chaoooooooo!!!!! Why are you destroying the house door!!!!” An angry shout came from behind as Cao Jingjing came running out to see what was happening only to see the destruction that happened, causing her to scream so loud that Wang Chao’s ears could barely handle it.

“I didn’t start it first, it was your dad’s fault!” Wang Chao’s face grew innocent as his heart began to grow gloomy. His actions had been extremely optimal in terms of fighting, but he hadn’t thought about the consequences.

“Good, very good! Attack without restraint, and restraint without attacking! Your actions were very good.” Officer Cao’s face was like a bitter melon as blood streamed down his face in an unappealing manner. “Jingjing, go back to your room and study, there’s no need for you to be here.”

Cao Jingjing glared angrily at Wang Chao before going back to her room angrily. With a loud shout, someone from the floor downstairs cursed out, “Be more quiet up there, did someone die or something!?”

Wang Chao spoke carefully, “Uncle Cao, are you fine?”

Cao Yi snorted before taking a towel to wipe his face and several tissue papers to clean his nose. Sitting down on the sofa, his two eyes stared fiercely at Wang Chao.

“You practice well, and your progress is remarkable! To be able to use your environment like this is a talent in itself! I’ve underestimated you in the past, good!” Cao Yi had a depressed look as he looked at the broken door caused by Wang Chao before a twitch developed in his face. “I haven’t lost like that since to my 80 year old mother as an infant, but to you, I’ve lost twice…fine!”

Wang Chao nodded his head with an awkward smile, “It was a fluke, that’s all!”

“Actually, I have a request for uncle. With uncle’s experience, would it be possible to give me an introduction and show me the right path to travel for the future?”

Wang Chao hurriedly changed the question, afraid that Cao Yi would ask for him to compensate him for the door.

“Don’t be engulfed by martial arts. I had originally planned on calling you over here today to introduce you to a job, but you’ve managed to say it first. This job will allow you to earn money and also experience some real combat. At the same time, you’ll get to know people. If you wish to make yourself known, then you must work for it yourself! After all, you helped rescue my daughter, so I am indebted to you.” Cao Yi cleaned his nose and spoke, “Tomorrow I’ll take you to the capital.”

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