RDS Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Kidnapping for money in the middle of revenge (Third)

“Haha, just which brother doesn’t know the rules of morality that one must not harm another’s family?” As Wang Chao hid in the dark, he could hear the sounds of offier Cao. In the next moment, the sounds grew louder as officer Cao was being brought upstairs.

At this moment, while Cao Yi was laughing, his tone was quite calm as if there was a storm waiting to come out.

“Is this how a cop is supposed to talk? He’s talking like he walks the path of a criminal than a cop. Could Cao Yi really have a second identity where there is no difference between immorality and morality?” Wang Chao thought to himself as he slowly moved himself to an optimal position to strike at any given time.

“Officer Cao truly does have such short memory! Last month at the Bay of Tolkin, you got on the boat where several of my boss’ underlings were and took the goods on it. You were said to be exceptionally fearless, the modern day Zhao Yun even! When my boss heard of this, he was overjoyed and spent time tracking you down after you went into hiding. Then, after hiring us to come, we realized that officer Cao was the boss of this area. If we are to be dragons, then we didn’t dare to play by the book, would we? Thus, we’ve decided to go with a different plan and lure the snake out of the cave.”

The bald man came walking out of the room as he spoke to the officer Cao who was brought in by another person.The two men’s eyes crossed with a careful gaze.

“So you’re from the Chenshi Corporation, speak then. Just what is your purpose?” Although his daughter had been captured by these men, Cao Yi had kept his calm and looked around the place before turning back to look at the bald man.

“First, we would like to know of sir officer Cao’s true identity.” The man held up one finger. “Second, we would like to invite sire into our group for a mutual benefit. Third, the goods you took from our boss, where is it? Fourth, your skill is quite unique to be able to knock down one of my brothers. I naturally have to find a way for them to vent their anger. How about the two of us fix a date for us to compare notes? How does that sound?”

“Fine, then release my daughter first!” Offifcer Cao immediately got into a boxing stance. His answer was clear, which shocked the boss for a moment.

“Since it’s like that, fine! You can’t make friends without fighting! We’ll get to know each other after we fight!” The bald man began to crack his knuckles as he climbed down the stairs to walk three meters away from him.

Hoorah! The four other males formed a circle around the two. At the same time, the captured Cao Jingjing was left behind on the second floor and was being looked after by a single person.

“My name is Chen Wuyang, you’d best remember that, Cao Yi!” The bald man took off his sleeveless shirt, revealing his bronze like muscles that seemed to have veins twisting throughout his body.

What was the most obvious about his body was the brown calluses around the joints of his limbs, symbolizing that he was a martial artist for many years.

“Ha!” Without any other superfluous movements, Cao Yi immediately flew towards Cheng Wuyang when he had made a fighting stance and kicked at his opponent’s waist.

Pa! Chen Wuyang had used his arm to block the kick as he retreated backwards. Stopping right in front of the stairwell, he shook his arm which was already turning red. “What leg strength!”

Cao Yi didn’t speak a word and flew at him again with a straight punch and then another kick. The attacks came like a strong gale with extreme force. With the punch, there was a faint but crisp sound.

Losing his opportunity, Chen Wuyan could only defend himself passively with both of his arms brought up hastily. Protecting not only his chest, but the sides as well.

When the two men’s arms crossed paths, they were met with force as they struck each other with a loud fleshy sound. This type of fighting was not only straightforward, but also uncivilized like.

Chen Wuyang had already been forced past the stairwell and was pressed further away. Finally, there was no choice but for him to step back onto a lower step. His body immediately dropped in height as he tried to steady himself.

With Cao Yi being a combat expert, there was no way he would miss such an opportunity. Immediately bringing back his fist, he gathered energy in his left leg before viciously lashing out at the other’s calf joint.

Snap! The sounds of a bone snapping could be heard as Chen Wuyang fell down onto the stairs with his leg broken.

Seeing his defeated opponent, he immediately thought of his daughter and ran up the stairs to find her without regard for Chen Wuyang.

But who would have known that despite Chen Wuyang’s leg bone being snapped, his inner vitality and his intrepid personality would refuse him from losing any fighting ability. Just as he saw Cao Yi turn his back to run up the stairs, his entire human turned animal-like in nature as he leapt forward to grab at Cao Yi’s heel and give it a strong pull!

Against such an intense pull, while Cao Yi had prepared himself, he was still caught off guard. His hand hurriedly grabbed onto the railing of the stairs to level himself before using his leg to kick out fiercely.

Taking advantage of his hold on Cao Yi, Chen Wuyang pulled himself up. With one hand holding himself close to Cao Yi, his other hand had already pulled at Cao Yi’s neck.

This was a common sight to see in wrestling as well as being very vicious. From the back, one would use their hand to strangle the person and cause them to choke to death.

The moment he had been pulled in, his face grew red with blood as he continued to bash onto Chen Wuyang’ chest with his elbow.

Pa pa! Pa pa! Hearing the sounds of Chen Wuyang’s rib fracture, Chen Wuyang’s eyes widened wide as his mouth and nose began to leak blood. But his hold onto Cao Yi had remained tight as he continued to strangle him.

“A battle like this is truly bloody. It’s nothing like those one on one mixed martial art matches on TV. This is a good lesson I have to remember. These men were planning on hiring a person, but after one strike not ending the match, it has become a struggle for life and death.”

Wang Chao looked at the battle with a slight nod of his head. His experience in combat was lacking, but the battle in front of him was truly bloody and had given him a lot of material to study and learn form.

“Kill him!” The four men that were watching immediately raced towards Cao Yi.

Cao Yi immediately slammed his leg against the stairwell and sent the both of them tumbling downwards.

“Good, it’s time for me to strike!” Wang Chao immediately stood up from his corner and ran for the door. In another stride, he had reached the room where Cao Jingjing was being imprisoned and immediately took advantage of the element of surprise to strike at the male in charge of guarding her.

Three steps forward over the flat ground and strike like a cannon from the sky. This fist was from Xingyi Quan’s “Three Pace Pounding Fist Jin”

In those three long steps, he had made sure he made the most optimal steps and forced his waist, soles, and vertebrae in the standard position before leaping into the air. Bursting forward like a tiger jumping down a mountain, he put his entire strength into his fist.

The fist had made a loud crisp sound in midair.

The ponytailed guard had been paying attention to the fight downstairs, but he couldn’t leave his guard. He hadn’t thought that there would be a person flying through the air as if a bolt of lightning. In that burst of speed, the guard didn’t even see who it was.

He could only bring his arms up to defend himself!

Bang! Resistance was futile. Wang Chao’s fist had forced its way past his arms and hit him square on the chest.

His entire 90 kilogram body was sent flying through the air before smashing against the table, causing the beers on splash on the ground and fill with foam.

The ponytailed guard was then hit by another stroke of bad luck. When he had hit the table, the fan had been mixed up in the collision and fell down, twisting up his long strands of hair in the process.

By the time the fan had stopped, the guard’s hair and scalp had already been entangled. His entire head had entered the fan as well, causing him to stop breathing. Wang Chao didn’t know if it was his fist or if it was the fan that had killed the man.

“Mphm, mphmmm!” Cao Jingjing could clearly see Wang Chao standing before her with a pleasantly shocked look before struggling towards him.

Immediately taking off her gag, Wang Chao took off her bindings and then grabbed the suitcase on the ground.

“100,000 RMB!” When Wang Chao grabbed the suitcase in an almost blissful state of joy.

TL Note: 100,000 RMB equates to 15,200 USD in today’s market.

Just at that moment, a single person came up from the stairwell. It was Cao Yi.

Cao Yi’s body had been dyed with blood, but there was no injuries on his body, meaning that the blood was from someone else. Running forward, the moment he saw Wang Chao, he grew stunned. Then looking around to see his daughter, he suddenly realized what had happened.

Looking at Wang Chao for a moment, Cao Yi spoke, “Put down the suitcase.”

“Aiya!” Wang Chao sucked in his breath, “Officer Cao, your timing is always spot on! Last time, you nearly crippled my hand, but since we meet again today, let’s have another contest! Since this money is stolen anyways, whoever wins should take home the prize!”

“What a funny kid!” Cao Yi began to laugh, “It seems that you are trying to take advantage of my weakness to aim for my life! I didn’t believe that Jingjing’s classmates would have such a terrifying kid. But still, unfortunately for you, I’ve been practicing martial arts for 20 years. With such a long time, you weren’t even born yet. Even if my body has used up a lot of energy, I’ve enough to spare! Come, show me just how much you’ve improved in this amount of time!”

“Wang Chao, just what are you doing?!” Cao Jingjing was puzzled as she listened to Wang Chao and her father prepare to fight before yelling at her classmate.

Waving his hand, Wang Chao spoke, “Don’t get involved and just watch.” Putting down the suitcase, he stepped two paces away to where Cao Yi was standing three feet away.

Cao Yi had brought up his hands once more to assume a fighting stance before breathing in to regain some of the energy he had used earlier. After fighting four men, he was a little weary.

“Officer Cao, maybe you should rest up first?” Wang Chao laughed as he looked at him.

“Ha!” Just as Wang Chao spoke, Cao Yi suddenly burst forward before nimbly throwing his fist out towards Wang Chao’s chest. With a speed like this, there was no feeling as if he had just been in a fight.

“How sly!” Wang Chao hadn’t spent his last half year staring dumbly. With a single step, he had already made his way to the side of Cao Yi before gathering his fingers into a point to stab at Cao Yi’s kidney.

If this were to land, then Cao Yi was afraid that he would lose his fighting energy.

Not knowing that Wang Chao would have made such a move, Cao Yi aws shocked for a moment and immediately turned his body around to lash out with a kick.

Wang Chao kicked off the ground to once again be at Cao Yi’s side. His legs bent down as his hands formed a knife point once more to strike at his kidney quickly, fiercely, and swiftly.

Cao Yi repeated his previous moment to strike at Wang Chao, but each time, he had been able to sneak over to his side to aim at his kidneys. This continued for another three or four times before Cao Yi began to feel dizzy.

The past had a proverb that once said, “Bagua is sneaky.”, and Wang Chao had clearly demonstrated how sneaky the word could mean as he could finally demonstrate the power he had cultivated from on top of the vats of water.

“Ha!” Advancing five steps, Wang Chao once more stabbed at Cao Yi’s rib and made contact. Cao Yi’s face immediately went white as his body turned and fell to the floor.

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    Cao Yi was shocked for a moment and immediately turned his body around to lash out with a kick.


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