RDS Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Feeling the Internal Martial Arts When Urinating and Defecating

“Zhang Tong!” Wang Chao’s eyes grew sharp as he quickly recognized that the beautiful woman who had called him out was Zhang Tong and hurriedly came walking on over.

This cosmetic store was in the top floors of a building. With crystal glass counters and floors that sparkled, the entire place seemed quite big. But it had been rather peaceful, as compared to the bottom layers of the downtown area where it was inharmonious.

Wang Chao knew at a glance, this high quality prefecture was where people spent the most money with many thousands of Hong Kong dollars passing hands each day. He had been in Hong Kong before after his battle with Zhang Wei when he had lived with Chen Aiyang and Chen Bin for a month. Chen Bin had come many times before to go shopping, and Wang Chao had come once with her so he was quite familiar with the area.

“Eh? Sis Tong, is he your friend?” the woman who was walking over had practically leapt up in surprise. At the same time, the group of women by Zhang Tong’s side had revealed a similar look of shock.

When Wang Chao came in and began to talk in a similar vein as the upstarts of China, these aristocratic women had begun to despise him and was just about to have the staff members drive him out. But what they didn’t think was that Zhang Tong would actually know this upstart.

This place was a haven for women, while also being a place for those of the upper class and their demeanor. Upstarts would be very easily be kicked out from places like this.

“This is the executive of the Tianxing Networking Company, mister Wang Chao. He is also one of my more important companions.” Zhang Tong gave an elusive look to the Lin Yanan that walked right next to Wang Chao, but with a blink of an eye, she turned back to give an affectionate introduction to Wang Chao.

“Hmph! He’s nothing but an upstart–theres nothing to even taste! Sis Tong, how in the world did you cooperate with such a person like this? Look at the woman next to her, look at all the gems she’s wearing. She clearly just bought them all, how crude.” One of the women spoke in a low whisper. With the distance that divided the two, even Wang Chao wasn’t able to hear what she had said.

“Little sister Huo, you’re mistaken this time. Ah, aren’t you quite the Karateka? Allow me to introduce you to a genuine expert.” Zhang Tong smiled as she clapped the hands of the girl with a secretive air before walking on over to Wang Chao.

“A genuine expert?” Before the woman could even regain her thoughts, Zhang Tong had already walked straight up to Wang Chao.

“What brings you here?” Wang Chao and Zhang Tong were both extremely familiar with each other, so no pleasantries had been spoken between the two. Instead, the two of them spoke as if they were both old friends. In the end, Wang Chao had even apologized to the noblewoman in front of him without caring for his own face.

“I came here for some business, but some relaxation on the side was called for. What about you, I heard after that competition where you won against Zhang Wei, you left the company and started a school of martial arts in Laoshan, is that right? Just what brought that on?” Zhang Tong asked Wang Chao with a very familiar way of speaking.

“Its a long story.” Wang Chao was trying to find a way to explain when all of a sudden, Zhang Tong held up a finger to quiet him. “Say what you want to say later! Who might this person be?” Zhang Tong asked Lin Yanan who was right besides Wang Chao.

“This is my assistant.” Wang Chao spoke.

“Hello, I’ve heard of Executive Zhang’s name from even the S Province as a woman of great business sense. My last name is Lin. You can call me Yanan.” Lin Yanan was a talent raised by the army, so she was easily capable of throwing off the stupor she had originally been in without any residue of the sugarcoating of Capitalism left on her. Her interpersonal skills had been switched on in an instant.

“So you are sister Lin Yanan.” Zhang Tong smiled. “Come, come sit down.”

Lin Yanan had adopted the military standard posture and strict expression. Letting Zhang Tong walk first, it had been a stellar example of being raised with manners and grace. In an instant, she had changed up her image from a money-smitten woman to a woman who was able and capable of exercising the power of a captain in the People’s Navy.

Seeing how Wang Chao and Lin Yanan were walking on over, the young woman whose surname was Huo gave a huff from her seat on the sofa. At the same time, her two eyes stared at Wang Chao studiously while her fingers snapped several times with a clicking sound.

As it seemed, when Zhang Tong had introduced Wang Chao as a genuine expert, she wasn’t convinced.

But Wang Chao didn’t care for any person outside of Zhang Tong in this group. When he sat down, he spoke, “I came to Hong Kong by the invitation of the Shaolin Temple to participate in a banquet to celebrate their night of entering the stock market. Ah, but you should already know about them entering the stock market I’d bet.” Wang Chao did not wish to hide anything from Zhang Tong, but he had said all that he could say to her anyways.

“What, you were invited by the Shaolin Temple?” Before Zhang Tong could even speak, the woman with the surname of Huo had leapt up in shock. Despite her upbringing of a woman of the high class society, she had cried out loud.

“And you are….?” Wang chao looked to the woman for a moment before glancing at Zhang Tong to inquire who she was.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you.” Zhang Tong gave a small smile. “This is Huo Ling’er, a friend of mine. Huo Ling’er, this is mister Wang Chao. Not only is he the executive boss of the Tianxing Networking company, he is also the head of the Laoshan School of Internal Martial Arts.”

“Huo Ling’er? The third daughter of the Huoshi Company?” Wang Chao’s eyebrows narrowed together in thought, “Karateka second dan in name, but a strength that is not below the fourth dan level? I’ve heard that you took the title of the champion of the female division at the Asian Karatedo Championships with a skillset that is quite decent.”

“Laoshan School of Internal Martial Arts….?” Huo Ling’er had scoffed at Wang Chao’s status as the chief executive of Tianxing Networking, since it was only a company in China. Hong Kong wouldn’t care for it. And she wouldn’t care for such a pheasant of a company. In today’s society, a dummy company could be called XYZ international or global but be worth nothing in Asia.

But when Zhang Tong said that he was the head of the Laoshan School of Internal Martial Arts, she had been brought into deep thought as if she had remembered something.

“How did you come to know about Huo Ling’er and her background?” With Huo Ling’er in a deep stupor, Zhang Tong took the initiative to ask.

“I am good friends with Chen Aiyang of the Chenshi Corporation. His sister Chen Bin has a business in real estate in Hong Kong and is also proficient in Taichi. In our talks, the name of miss Huo would sometime come up. When you spoke her name, I just thought back to it.”

Huo Ling’er’s background was really mentioned in Wang Chao’s talks with Chen Bing. This person was the granddaughter was the Hong Kong’s Chamber of Commerce’s chairman mister Huo and was a woman of a very influential family. But her temperament was quite violent and loved to fight. She had even learned traditional Karate while studying in America, gaining a robust knowledge of martial arts.

When Wang Chao first listened to Zhang Tong’s introduction, he knew that this woman’s face was quite elaborate and beautiful. But her arms were bulky and her palms rough with plenty of calluses. From that alone, Wang Chao knew that she must have undergone many hard times practicing.

“Aiya!” Huo Ling’er suddenly stood up with a shout as if ready to bare her fangs and frightening the others around her. Her eyes had a clear spark of gold in them, “Are you the very same master of Xingyiquan, Wang Chao of the Qingdao, Laoshan School of Internal Martial Arts who killed the Japanese martial artist Ye Xuan?”

“How did my defeat of Ye Xuan reach the ears of even Hong Kong?” Wang Chao was surprised.

“I know about Ye Xuan, he’s extremely strong! When I was in Japan, I came to know him. But his martial arts, it’s truly amazing. With a single hand, he could cripple a person. And yet, you beat him. It’s no wonder you are brother Chen Aiyang are good friends.”

Huo Ling’er’s eyes measured up Wang Chao with a clear look of eager anticipation and adoration–similar to those woman who chased after fame and fortune.

“Master Wang Chao, if I may ask for your guidance!” Huo Ling’er’s eyes suddenly grew serious and her womanly aura taken back. With a stiffening of her body, she seemed to gain the air of a martial artist expert.

But when Wang Chao looked, Huo Ling’er’s hair and skin had keyed up. Yet it did not noticeably spike straight up. This was the hardness of external martial artists who did not understand the essence of internal martial arts.

“Ling’er, this is a business area where the paparazzi can film us. This’ll bring trouble.” Zhang Tong shook her head as the other women in her group moved to restrain the violent girl while giving a surprised look at Wang Chao.

“No worries, master Wang Chao, this one hopes to receive some pointers. There’s an open area over there, secluded even. Would you be willing?” Huo Ling’er spoke unflinchingly.

“Very well.” When Wang Chao looked at her, he felt that she was a bit of an idiot, but he had nodded nonetheless.

“Great!” Huo Ling’er immediately began to walk ahead while Wang Chao walked behind her like an honored guest. “Oh, the rest of you don’t need to come, only master Wang Chao and I will go.”

“Let her go at least.” Zhang Tong spoke in regards to Lin Yanan.

Past several areas with glass walls was a secluded area suitable for fighting.

“Master Wang Chao, please!” Huo Ling’er suddenly stood still with her body stiff and a ready posture. One fist was ready to protect the chest and face while the other hand chopped through the air with such an intensity that it seemed to crackle as the hand passed through it.

“A good hand made of pure external force. With that, she was able to bring the power through her arm to produce an explosive sound. This woman is talented.” Wang Chao was stunned for a moment before extending out two fingers. In an instant, he moved to clamp onto Huo Ling’er’s wrist.

No matter how much Huo Ling’er twisted and thrashed, she could not break free. It was as if Wang Chao’s two fingers were made from iron.

“Master Wang, I hope you can take me in as your disciple!” Despite her best efforts, Huo Ling’er could not escape. Knowing that it was impossible, her body suddenly softened as she gave up her attempt.

“What, take you in as my disciple?” Wang Chao was startled. “We only just met, but she wants me to be her master, what prank is this?” Wang Chao felt that this woman was exceedingly difficult to deal with.

“If you don’t take me in, then I won’t get up.” Huo Ling’er was determined. “You killed Ye Xuan and forced master Zhang Wei of the Three Tigers of Guangdong to jump into the ocean. Then, you killed the disciple of “Little Arm Saint” Master Xu Zhen who doesn’t even dare fight you for revenge. You even took part of the competition between brother Chen Aiyang and the Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. I’ve long since heard that your martial arts was unmatched in the world. I truly ask of you to take me in as your disciple.”

“This girl must be a fan of mine.” Wang Chao suddenly felt an oncoming headache. When he entered the shop, he came across Zhang Tong by accident. But who would have known that he would also come across such a troublesome girl as well.

“Fine, fine. Get up then. I’ve still some matters to attend to. If you really wish for me to be your master, then go to Laoshan. Your hand at Karate is fine, but that is a branch of the external martial arts. You don’t know the secrets of the internal martial arts. I’ll impart to you a single secret from the internal martial arts. If you’re skilled enough in it after half a year’s worth of time, then come to Laoshan. If you are not, then don’t bother on coming.” Wang Chao suddenly thought of a way to resolve of this troublesome matter.

“What secret?” Huo Ling’er gleefully stood upright.

“I can see that your palms and arms are quite rough and coarse. The skin isn’t that good either. That is the result of your practicing, and make up will not help you. Take a look at my own skin, it is even more meticulous than yours.” Wang Chao extended his fist. Then, with a pulse of Jin, the hair on his hand jettisoned straight up and goosebumps the size of soybeans could be seen in a numerous, yet frightening display.

“How does one achieve this? Master!” Huo Ling’er called out to Wang Chao properly.

“Ai! First, don’t call me master.” Wang Chao spoke up in a hurry. “Having the hair and skin rise. These two are the essence of internal martial arts. When you’ve practiced to such a degree like this, then the old skin will fall off and regain its luster. The joints will reduce in size while the density increases before ultimately your muscles become like copper and your bones like iron.

“How does one make the hair and skin stand up?” Huo Ling’er quickly asked.

“To lift the hair and skin, one must first lift the dantian and lift the tailbone.” Wang Chao thought for a second longer. “The dantian is in the lower abdomen. To feel the dantian rising, one first must feel as if they are urinating. In the moment when one urinates, they are susceptible to trembling. When they tremble, the hair and skin on the body lifts. At the same time, when one defecates, the sphincter will affect the tailbone and cause it to lift. No matter what branch of internal martial arts, the beginning can be started from this realization. Go back and understand this. Do not say it is vulgar, this is the truth.”

Wang Chao’s way of speaking had been quite vulgar, but his explanation of martial arts had hit the nail on the head. It had been far more clear than saying to move water and fire or to have the Qi sink into the dantian in the Classics of the Fist by a hundred times over.

“So that’s the meaning! It is no wonder master was so unwilling to teach me, it was because he was unwilling to say it!” Huo Ling’er’s face had gone red at first before thinking about it and nodding.

“Good. I’ve told you the essence of internal martial arts, go home and think of the meaning. When you have achieved it, come find me in Laoshan. I will formally accept you then.” Wang Chao let out a long sigh as if he had managed to get rid of this troublesome girl.

“Master, I heard that Shi Yongxin and several great warrior monks from the Shaolin Temple came to Hong Kong. You were invited by them I think, did you see them yet? Is their martial arts strong? Did you fight against them?” Huo Ling’er was truly a fan of Wang Chao. When she saw him leave, she immediately moved to follow right behind him.

“This Huo Ling’er is very knowledgeable about the matters in the Jianghu. Ye Xuan’s death at my hands, Zhang Wei’s defeat, and even me being a substitute for Chen Aiyang. She knows about them all.” Wang Chao remarked.

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