RDS Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: A Crushing Defeat!

Wang Chao was about 1.8 meters tall, a height that wasn’t too short, but wasn’t too tall either.

Although he was a talented practitioner of martial arts, his muscles weren’t like that of a boxer or an athlete where their muscles would bulged outwards like a steel plate.

At a single glance, he wasn’t fat, and he wasn’t skinny in physique. He was about as toned as a member of the upper-class society with no beer belly, but no exaggerated muscles. He looked to be a healthy man with a good vitality to him.

But in the eyes of Duan Guochao, each one of Wang Chao’s step had painted him out to be completely different.

In his eyes, the skin on Wang Chao’s neck and hands were perfectly smooth without any scars. It was a rosy white color with just a faint tint of dark green.

Just like taking an extended suntan, his body had been under the same effect as if under an ultraviolet light.

But Duan Guochao knew that the dark green skin wasn’t a result of the ultraviolet lights turning the pigments black.

But instead, it was because of the strength of the muscles and tendons in the flesh! This was the result of tempering the muscles to their maximum! The muscles and tendons had grown a dark color similar to the tint of steel and could be seen by some.

When Wang Chao came over, Duan Guochao could feel a tremendous pressure upon him. Only three words came to mind when describing this, “capable and threatening”.

Correct, this sensation could only be described as “capable and threatening”.

The muscles, tendons, veins, and bones of Wang Chao was incredible in Duan Guochao’s eyes. Although he didn’t have muscles that bulged outwards, in the eyes of a genuine expert, the robust muscles of Wang Chao would be far more intimidating than the muscles of a bodybuilder.

To be able to give this intimidating sensation to Duan Guochao, this was the “King’s Aura” spoken of in legends.

To use an analogy, if a regular person were to suddenly come face to face with a figure like Mike Tyson, then that person would suddenly feel an overwhelming pressure on them.

“This man’s resistance training has reached a pinnacle where the muscles and tendons are at an outrageous level, comparable to one who has learned “Iron Body”. But still, this is only an external style of martial arts.”

Duan Guochao had felt Wang Chao’s pressure, forcing him to stand up and stare hard at the military uniform wearing male.

Rumors had it that those who underwent resistance training and learned the Iron Body to the point of mastery, when they emit Jin, their entire body would show a dark green tint underneath the skin.

That was to say that the veins underneath had grown to be extremely strong and well distributed so that the color of the veins was noticeable even under the skin.

When a person had learnt the Iron Body to proficiency, then the veins would be like a single dark green snake that would protrude underneath.

When an expert learned it to an even higher level, the veins of the entire body would protrude like numerous rattan vines that would interweave across each other like a dark green fishnet–an ultimately terrifying scene.

But when the Iron Body reached mastery, then the power would be even distributed through the body as before, but the veins wouldn’t be seen to be protruding. Instead, it would blend in with the skin like softness coupling together with hardness. At the moment of Jin being emitted, then the entire skin would grow dark as if wearing an iron shirt.

Being able to train to a level where the veins popped up around the body like a ‘fishnet’, then that meant one’s resistance training had already reached a level of an expert. But if they were to go a step further and distribute the power through their entire body to the Iron Body was like ‘Iron Shirt’, then they would be considered to have reached the level of a master.

An expert like that may not be impervious to sword or gun, but their ability to resist would undoubtedly be formidable. An iron hammer or wooden rod would do nothing to harm their skin even if they were beaten ruthlessly with it.

Duan Guochao was an expert in this aspect as well. From childhood, he had practiced the “Iron Shirt”, “Iron Crotch”, and “Tongzigong” in order to cultivate his health, improve his resistance to strikes, and even had the masters of Shaolin wash, hit, and massage him with medicinal water to help.

If one tried to learn any genuine killing moves from Shaolin or difficult postures after their bones had set such as the soaring leap, bending back the leg, doing the splits, or even twisting the vertebrae, then they would easily suffer an injury to their body.

Seeing how Wang Chao’s skin had this dark green color, Duan Guochao had immediately determined that his opponent was possibly an expert who had mastered this type of resistance training.

Truthfully, Wang Chao had never learnt the “Iron Body”, but his bones were incomparably strong due to him reaching the stage where the “Thunder follows the fist”.

Then he had learned from Cheng Shanming’s example and practiced underwater. Rotating the mercury filled ball around him to feel the current against his entire body, he had learned to couple soft and hard together, learning what it meant for fire and water to share a similar home, and have a small taste on the Iron Body.

It could be said that Wang Chao’s current muscles and bones had strengthened to an incredible degree. Although there was a difference between the strongest degree of Iron Body and his body, the foundation of both were almost identical. When a technique was brought to the highest peak of mastery, there was always a faint connection to another.

“This youth is only 21 or 22 years old–an age that is younger than mine own. But yet, he still gives off a tremendous amount of pressure. His martial arts has reached an amazing degree, but who knows what heights he will reach in the future? He is indeed a threat to the Shaolin Temple.” Duan Guochao immediately concluded to himself.

His partners Chen Ke and Dong Ling right by his side were talented, but in martial arts, they hadn’t even reached a level where Hidden Jin was feasible. This made them on the same level as skill as Lin Yanan, so neither of the two had been able to see what pressure Wang Chao was exuding. Instead, they had given him a provocative stare.

“Brother Duan, this one doesn’t look that amazing, he looks rather sloppy even. If you were to make a move, it’d be for no use. Let me take a stab at him.”

Before Duan Guochao could even stand, Chen Ke stood up first and extended a hand out towards Wang Chao.

Just as Wang Chao extended his own hand to make the handshake, Chen Ke immediately brought his wrist up so that she was looking at her watch instead. With a calm expression, her face had adopted the official poker face.

“Lieutenant colonel Wang, we three are members of the Beijing branch of the Ministry of State Security. We came received our orders from the top to escort back several personnel. A female American spy, and the Shaolin warrior monk Yong Bao will be taken away before 9 AM this morning. Please hurry up and bring the aforementioned people out and don’t waste our time. It is already 8:30 with just 30 minutes left to go.”

Wang Chao’s hand paused in midair while he himself had a blank stare, “No wonder commissar Yang had said the Ministry of State Security was so brash, but who knew that it would reach such a heavy extent like this? It is no wonder that in the past when the officials of the Beijing government went outside for official affairs, they were regarded to be extremely haughty. The Arhat of the Ministry of State Security should be the National Arhat, how unusual. If you respect me a foot, then I will respect you for ten feet in return. But if you are uncourteous to me, then there is no need for me to remain courteous to you.”

He had already taken notice of Duan Guochao who had stood up by now. It had only taken a single glance for Wang Chao to know that his martial arts had been stupendous. Although commissar Yang had given him his instructions beforehand to cause trouble for the other side, for the sake of his country, he hadn’t wished to do anything of the sort.

But he hadn’t thought that this female staff member would adopt such a brazen attitude. Not even a single iota of manners could be seen. Furthermore, Duan Guochao hadn’t even done a single to stop her, this was clearly an attempt to provoke them and stir up trouble.

“Is it because I killed an elder of the Shaolin Temple that they are unaccepting of me? Are they trying to protect this and is deliberately looking for an excuse to fight by provoking me?” Wang Chao’s mind had instantly flashed with a single notion.

Yong He had been shot to death while Yong Bao had taken on a serious injury, but the both of them were still elders of the Shaolin Temple. Although they had tried to tried to kidnap Wang Chao and he had no other choice but to defend himself, a disciple of the Shaolin Temple would most definitely bear a grudge against Wang Chao for that.

To make a comparison, let us say if the child of your family were to hit the child of my family. If I were to go to the head of your family to complain, then the head would most definitely give the child a spanking. But if I were to disregard going to the head of the family and beat the child to death, then the head not looking for revenge would be an extreme oddity.

Seeing Chen Ke provoking him, Wang Chao had already guessed out their intentions to a near certainty.

A practitioner had to be open-minded and had to tolerate the loss of heart of others.

But to have someone else deliberately poke trouble, that was an insult. Tolerate man, but tolerate not insults, that was the doctrine that Wang Chao had lived by.

“If you simply wish to escort them, that is fine. But first, show me your ability. Whether or not you are able to look over them so that they don’t run away on the road, I will not take responsibility for it.” Wang Chao did not take back his hand. Instead, just as soon as he finished speaking, he made a slight claw motion with his hand before reaching for Chen Ke’s wrist.

In this, Wang Chao had used a very minimal amount of strength with just enough to make Chen Ke unsteady. She was after all a woman, and a fellow worker for their country, so Wang Chao hadn’t wanted to be too harsh.

“Fine. Lieutenant commander Wang Chao has indeed said so, our strength will be tested here.”

In the very instant Wang Chao’s hand had flashed towards Chen Ke, another eagle claw had suddenly made an appearance. With a dark green color, the hand was like a terrifyingly fast arrow that shot towards Wang Chao’s wrist.

This eagle claw had been emitted a strong amount of Jin that was only matched by its speed. Landing accurately on the pulse of the wrist, Wang Chao could immediately feel as if there was a steel clamp leaving a deep impression on it.

This was the act of Duan Guochao.

When Chen Ke had started trouble, he had been powerless to stop it and could only accept it. But Wang Chao’s actions after this provocation had made him very pleased.

“Since it was the other side who made the first move, then after I dispose of him, then I can say, ‘We went to retrieve the targets, but lieutenant colonel Wang hadn’t permitted it and wanted to test our strength. This will cause some trouble then.”

Duan Guochao had been eager to find an opportunity for this. Just why would he have any intentions of stopping there? With an “Eagle Carve”, he attempted to damage Wang Chao’s wrist.

Shaolin had the intent, and the secrets of “Iron Body”, “Iron Crotch”, and even “Iron Egg”.

“Iron Crotch” and “Iron Egg” both had to be learnt when small and had the body of a child. It was created by a senior elder of the Shaolin Temple by combining the breathing exercises of Yoga and the traditional Chinese medicine where the yang in the male’s organs were strengthened to the utmost limits. It also set the very foundation of martial arts and building a resistance.

Duan Guochao had practiced since he was small. So when his bones had finally set and he began his attempts to learn the killing moves of martial arts, it had taken half the work and gave him twice the benefits. So by the time he was 26 years old, his martial arts had already made him an expert amongst the best without any second guesses.

But when Wang Chao learned Baguazhang by walking on top of the water vats and struck at the sandbags, he had barely escaped death each time after falling and hurting himself badly, his entire body had been injured constantly. Every day, Tang Zichen would use the needles and medicinal water together with Hidden Jin to treat his muscles and wounds. This way of treating the wounds was essentially the same concept as the Shaolin methods. In two years worth of time, Wang Chao had basically cobbled together the very foundation of resistance.

With this achievement of Wang Chao’s, he was never able to stray away from the hard work Tang Zichen had invested in him for those two years.

After learning the genuine art of martial arts, he had understood many concepts and philosophies. Wang Chao also knew that Tang Zichen had imparted many things onto him in those two years by making use of Hidden Jin daily through the needles to open up the blood veins and strengthening the muscles and bones. Just what teacher would do such a thing? This was not the work of a parent or sibling, this was the work of someone even closer than either of the two.

“Eagle Claw and Iron Body!” When Wang Chao saw Duan Guochao make his move, he understood that his opponent’s martial arts was not beneath Chen Aiyang or Cheng Shanming in skill.

Chen Aiyang and Cheng Shanming were both the most amazing people Wang Chao had met to this date whose martial arts had reaching the Transforming Jin. If he were to fight either of the two in a genuine fight to the death, then Wang Chao was certain that he would have no chance of winning.

Right now, with the appearance of Duan Guochao, he would be the third most amazing person he had ever met!

“Of course, the nickname ‘National Arhat’ would not be given so freely.”

Up against such an amazing claw, Wang Chao could only ignore Chen Ke and roll this wrists. This was the Xingyiquan’s art of “Rolling Fist”. Withdraw inwards to make a circle just like rolling around a lead ball. This form was elaborate, but its strength was calm yet fierce in its revolution so that he had immediately detached his wrist from Duan Guochao’s claw.

Duan Guochao didn’t cease in his movements. In the same time he had made a claw with one hand, his other hand had been like a shadow to his first claw. With his five fingers stretched out. With a slight swelling to them, it looked similar to the head of snake while at the same time like the beak of a crane. As it moved, the hand changed in between the two styles one after another.

The joints of each five finger had let out a hissing sound.

But in the midst of this hiss, there had occasionally been a high pitch like the shrill of a crane.

With this snake and crane stance, it wavered in front of Wang Chao’s face before striking at his eyes.

Wang Chao’s hand moved up to his face with the “Rising Body Palm”. With the palm like a blade, it shot up his throat and towards his nose with all of his Jin focused on the tip of the fingers so that it aimed at Duan Guochao’s wrist as if he was stabbing at the heart of a snake.

The “Rising Body Palm” was a variation of one of the palms in Baguazhang. It was meant to shoot straight up close to the chest–a seemingly useless move. But with Wang Chao’s usage of it, it fit just right. As if piercing the clear skies, it was a crucial strike towards his enemy as well.

But. In the moment Wang Chao had rushed with his “Rising Body Palm”, Duan Guochao made a shift with his footstep so that his wrist would change as well. The dark green hand’s “Crane Peck” had gracefully changed with a heaven-shocking speed so that it had came down onto Wang Chao’s right ear and temple.

This clever transition had been like antelope that would hang from the trees with its horn to sleep–its footsteps would not be traced.

“Eight Arts of Snake and Crane” was a combination of the Shaolin Five Animal Imitation Boxing. The snake was to show a false move by wavering in front of the eyes to intimidate the person. The crane was the true killing move whose beak would come crashing down to carve out a hole in the flesh.

Eight Arts of Snake and Crane held a change between illusion and reality. It did not start with the wrist, but rather with the mnemonic of “The leg leads the body, and the body pushes the hand”. The leg would spur the advancement of the body while the body would push forward with the hand.

So when Duan Guochao had shifted his leg and his palms had deviated along with all of his Jin, it had been flawless without looking awkward in movement at all.

“A killing move like this straight from the get go? Does he truly wish to kill me? If the opponent has such a deliberate killing intent, then he is not here to cause trouble and compare notes.”

In an instant, Wang Chao had realized that Duan Guochao’s strike was filled with a killing intent.

Against the Iron Body which encompassed Duan Guochao’s hands and throat with the dark green color, a similar color could be seen in his veins underneath his skin like the leaves of a pine tree. It was a powerful sight, but also very terrifying.

The Jin of “Iron Body”, and the moves from the “Eight Arts of Snake and Crane”. Duan Guochao’s first movement had been comprised of his most dangerous killing moves and fierce vigor. Each fist made an attempt to take the upper hand and then dispose of Wang Chao.

To make a move was to be unrelenting. To be relenting is to not make a move. Duan Guochao was not an indecisive person. In that moment, he had made up his mind and moved to accomplish his goals straight away.

Against this peck, Wang Chao’s right ear began to tremble in anticipation as the right side of his face began to swell up with goosebumps. His vertebrae stiffened as both hands shot out. Spreading out his five fingers, his hands moved to his ears and made a fierce slapping motion away from his ear.

Pa! In an instant, the hand had made contact with the crane’s beak.

“Monkey Fanning Air” was a variation of the monkey stance where both hands would remain close to the ears before fanning outwards. A rather comical looking moe that would make anyone think that a monkey was playing around.

But now, under Wang Chao’s usage, it had become the best method to neutralize the killing move.

“A good adaption, he truly is a great threat who has practiced martial arts inside and out! His usage of Xingyiquan has reached perfection almost!”

After having both of his killing moves skillfully neutralized by Wang Chao’s hand, Duan Guochao’s heart had softened. His estimation of Wang Chao had gone up.

Bringing his own concentration to the highest level possible as well as his own inspiration, Duan Guochao slanted his footsteps so that it went in a circular motion. Twisting his waist, his entire body had resembled that of a python where even the veins on the face was noticeable.

Shua! With the twist and a sidestep, Duan Guochao had overtaken Wang Chao’s right side. Lashing out, his right hand made a “Hook Punch” towards Wang Chao’s chin.

At the same time, his left hand had covertly struck out at Wang Chao’s rib. Binding the forefinger and middle finger together to form a blade, his fingers silently flashed towards the waist like a snake after its prey.

The hook was powerful while the sword finger was silent. One was clear, one was hidden.

With an agile step and the scurrying of the Eight Arts of Snake and Crane, it was possible for the body to flash and float at the same time.

With the Iron Body and its indomitable strength, it was possible to shatter even stone.

When Duan Guochao made a move, it was clear to see just why he was fully deserving of such a powerful title as “National Arhat”.

After using the “Monkey Fanning Air” to block the crane’s peck, Wang Chao made a single leap to fly backwards five meters while at the same time dodging Duan Guochao’s hook punch and sword finger assault.

However, Duan Guochao did not let Wang Chao off that easily. Stampeding forward as if riding the Wind Fire Wheels of Nezha, his body flew forward like maggot after flesh.

“There’s a fight, a fight is happening!”

“So they’re actually fighting.”

“It looks quite rowdy in here.”

“They’re definitely going to fight. Don’t go in or risk getting hurt.”

While Wang Chao and Duan Guochao were fighting, a bunch of soldiers had already gathered around them. These soldiers were the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong. When Duan Guochao and his two partners came, the soldiers had already known that there would definitely be a good show to watch and had secretly waited by the side. Sure enough, when the two began to fight, the soldiers and workers had all gathered around to watch.

At the same time, Lin Yanan, Chen Ke, and Ling Dong all silently retreated.

Duan Guochao had intentionally wanted to make a mistake so as to leave the Ministry of State Security while also giving face to his Shaolin Sect by disposing of the potential major threat that was Wang Chao. On the other side, for the interest of the higher ups, he had been ordered to knock the Ministry of State Security off their high horse.

With both sides having the intention of fighting, clashing now had only been the oil on the fire, and they had been the spark to start the fire! There had been no need for any courtesy, only fighting.

“What’s happening, they’re fighting now?” While at the same time of the fighting, commissar Yang had received the report with a smile. “Both sides are now comparing notes, eh? That isn’t anything major, just how many times have our Military Commission and the Ministry of State Security compared notes? Furthermore, Duan Guochao is from the Shaolin Temple. With someone crippling his elders, no matter if it was right or wrong, there will most definitely be a clash to regain honor. It’s best to leave them as they are.”

Commissar Yang gave the order, but no one had really cared.

“Hello? Connect me to the General Political Department.” Afterwards, commissar Yang had made a private phone call.

Even as commissar Yang was speaking, the fight between Wang Chao and Duan Guochao was essentially irresolvable.

Wang Chao kept retreating backwards while Duan Guochao charged after him like a shadow whilst continuing to attack.

Each one of his moves had been fierce and fully developed. Attacking with a ferocity as if Wang Chao had killed his family or stolen his wife, they seemed as if they had become enemies that could not live under the same skies.

In an instant, Wang Chao had been forced into a state of breathlessness and was at a disadvantage. Such a sight like this had caused Lin Yanan’s heart to leap into her throat.

“Man harms not the heart of a tiger, but the tiger injures the man by instinct. Your overbearing manner cannot be blamed on me.” From the start, Wang Chao had no ill-intent towards Duan Guochao, so all of his counter-movements had been lacking in vigor without enough force to actually fight back.

From what it seemed so far, the only road Wang Chao was walking on now was death.

Wang Chao took in a deep and heavy breath before his feet carried him 64 steps forward. Rolling his body, Wang Chao was using all of his strength in this attempt.

In the next instant, everyone could only see a demon wearing the green military uniform as it traveled in a linear path with a faint after image.

This was Wang Chao’s Baguazhang style of movement. Eight variations of the Eight Steps had led to 64 different steps that allowed the body to move this way and that to dodge and weave. Naturally, when up against this all-out effort, Duan Guochao grew serious. His hands were unable to follow Wang Chao’s movements, let alone continuing to try and hit him.

After all, this was a large hall that was fit for fighting. It was wide and spacious, quite unlike the small dueling platforms for martial arts.

On the platform, the space was quite narrow, and if Duan Guochao had attacked Wang Chao as he did in such an area, Wang Chao wouldn’t be able to dodge or evade away. A defeat was almost certain then. But now, if Duan Guochao were to move in pursuit, the two would simply move in tandem as if racing to compare physical strength. This was essentially a wasted effort.

Borrowing the strength of his movements, Wang Chao had successfully shaken off the assault before coming to a sudden halt. While moving, he had been like a stampeding horse, but afterwards, he had been like an iron pike that had been stabbed into the ground. Not even his eyes had moved.

“He’s stopped.” A single thought flashed in Duan Guochao’s head before his heart, will, and body became one and threw himself across the floor. Both dark green hands formed a semi-gripping motion as they streaked through the air. One hand moved up while the other moved down in an attempt to grab onto Wang Chao’s chest and abdomen,

The Jin of the “Iron Body” and circulated into the “Eagle Claw” form to constitute into the well-known “Eagle Claw of the Iron Body”. With the dark green hands, this move was especially fierce. This assault of the “National Arhat” had far surpassed whatever the warrior monks Yong He and Yong Bao could accomplish.

The Eight Arts of the Snake and Crane, and the Eagle Claw of the Iron Body. This was what exactly what it meant to practice the art of Shaolin.

With this maneuver, Duan Guochao had calculated that when Wang Chao made a violent movement and then sudden stop, his Qi and blood were surging against each other, his feet and hands were numb, and that he would not be able to defend himself against another assault.

Whoosh! All of a sudden, he had arrived right in front of Wang Chao as quick as lightning with an attempt to grab him.

In this very moment, Duan Guochao had been the giant eagle that had dove down from the high skies towards a small chick.

But unbeknownst to anyone, when Duan Guochao moved to grab, a tremor could suddenly be felt underneath his feet. The ground seemed to rise as if an earthquake had just started to happen.

From the median line of his body, a single fist appeared from down below Wang Chao’s chest and soared upwards. The surrounding area seemed to have blown apart with wind and blew at Duan Guochao’s clothes with a rustling sound.

“Soaring Pound!”

Duan Guochao had instantly recognized that this was the most bold and powerful style of Chinese martial arts, Taichi. The earth tremor he had felt just now had been a result of the release of Jin.

Open fire on the flat grounds, and even the sounds of thunder and wind will be heard.

The situation had become apparent to Duan Guochao. Even if he had successfully grabbed onto Wang Chao’s body, then the Soaring Pound would impact his own body. The result would be that his flesh and bones would shatter apart, allowing him to die a violent death.

“This person’s martial arts has blown past my expectations with each and every moves he makes. Aside from me, was there actually another youth so capable of martial arts in this country? How inconceivable!”

Wang Chao’s Soaring Pound had revealed his true strength.

Sensing the gust of wind that had blown up, Duan Guochao knew that this Soaring Pound would be something even his Iron Body would not be able to withstand.

Even with the Iron Body, he wouldn’t be able to take such a strong fist without any damages.

Even if the target was an actual man of iron, Wang Chao’s fist would be enough to shatter them.

Hua! Duan Guochao’s two hands moved away and then together. His legs moved forward before twisting his body around to dodge the Soaring Pound. This was the “Yellow Dragon Overturn” of the Subduing Dragon Arhat Boxing.

After the “Dragon Overturn” was the “Dragon’s Searching Claw”, which was also called the “The Dragon’s Claw Searches the Cloud.”

Borrowing the power from when he had turned around, Duan Guochao’s hand had silently probed outwards towards Wang Chao’s waist. Without a sign, his hand had been like the spring rain in gentleness.

“The Dragon’s Claw Searches the Cloud”. The Clear Jin was as soft as the clouds, and the true killing move when the claw strikes out with the thousands of needles of Hidden Jin.

This move placed emphasis on two words. One was “clouds”, and the other was “searches”. One had to understand the meaning of both in order to understand the cleverness. “cloud” is to reflect the cloud with the body and turnover high in the sky while “search” is to use the claw in accordance.

This sequence of overturn, twisting, deliverance of strength, and claw movement was the latest change in his pounce forward. It was also his most genuine of trump cards.

The soft Clear Jin and the hard Hidden Jin. One style, two Jins, and no sound. It was similar to Liao Junhua’s killing “Hidden Leg” that could be classified as a sure-fire killing technique.

Duan Guochao had experienced hundreds of battles and accomplished countless of missions. He had killed far more people than Wang Chao and had accumulated far more experience. He had forced many of his opponents into a dead end without chance of retaliation.

Otherwise, he would be undeserving of the number on disciple of Shaolin or the title of “National Arhat”.

If not for his level of martial arts being noticed by the Ministry of State Security, his name would not have been repressed. In the current martial arts world of Southeast Asia, the number one spot would have gone to either Chen Aiyang or him.

It was also because he knew that he was strong that he wished to break ties with the Ministry of State Security. With his own strength in martial arts and connections with the Shaolin Temple, then at the very least, he would become a rich person, or possibly a martial arts celebrity in the movies industry like Hollywood. It would pay better than the Ministry of State Security, and he wouldn’t have to go through as many hardships as he did.

But Wang Chao’s skill in Taichi was honed by practicing underwater. With the hidden currents attacking him this way and that without a sound, Wang Chao had learned to neutralize them all one by one.

So Wang Chao already knew that this “The Dragon’s Claw Searches the Clouds” was going for his waist and eye.

His opponent hadn’t moved upwards, but Wang Chao’s body had already instinctively thought of it.

The “Parry and Punch” began to build up power in the waist before being discharged.

Long before, Wang Chao had already comprehended the way of Transforming Jin’s “Loosen the muscles, attack with the pores, and empty the mind.” When the mind was blank, then one would be able to be like the cicada that would move before feeling the autumn wind.

But having a sudden enlightenment of the phrase and allowing the body to fully experience it were two different things.

A moment’s enlightenment could increase one’s prowess in martial arts like burning cosmos in the Saint Seiya manga. Wang Chao had naturally understood, but he couldn’t fully show it in an actual match.

But in his time practicing underwater, his distance towards the Transforming Jin realm drew closer and closer. By now, it was only a matter of time.

While Duan Guochao’s “The Dragon’s Claw Searches the Clouds” was exceptionally delicate and concealed its killing potential, it was not enough to escape Wang Chao’s instinct.

“Bang!” The “Parry and Punch” and the “Dragon’s Searching Claw” were now 5 inches from clashing. When Duan Guochao drew close to the fist, he immediately felt his entire body jolt and his blood surge.

“What a fierce Hammer Jin!” A thought flashed through Duan Guochao’s mind before leaving. He hadn’t any more time to think and immediately moved to grab the fist and crush it.

But the “Dragon’s Claw Searches the Clouds” placed emphasis on being graceful during the searching moment. It was only when the claw made contact that it would emit Hidden Jin. Against the fierce Hammer Jin, it was naturally insufficient.

In the hold, Wang Chao’s arm shook before throwing off the grab on him.

Afterwards, Wang Chao’s twin fists began to move. The earth began to quake, and the building began to shake! The “Chain Pound” began to unleash again and again in all directions with a rippling of his muscles and a gust of wind. The wind had been strong and explosive and his vigor had been like a rainbow.

And now, Wang Chao had finally taken the upper hand!

The Dragon’s Claw Searches the Clouds was a killing move. If it did not kill, then all that was left was to be killed. Duan Guochao had been greatly wishing for Wang Chao to be crippled and did not anticipate him to be so tough and hold his ground.

This had been able due to Wang Chao’s long breath. After training for so long underwater, his lungs had been strengthened by a large amount.

Wang Chao’s Pounding Hammer Jin was practically unmatched.

With a single blow, Duan Guochao had felt his blood billow without calm. And now being pressured with the “Chain Pound”, he didn’t dare continue attacking and could only retreat. He had taken a leaf out of Wang Chao’s book and used the wide open space to evade.

But for what reason would Wang Chao let him? When he had done the same, he had been prepared for a countermeasure. After another three Chain Pounds, Wang Chao suddenly stopped before his fist had turned into a palm. His body flickered as he swam forward almost like a fish. In an instant he had cut off Duan Guochao’s backwards retreat.

He had changed from hard to soft, and from Taichi to Baguazhang. It was a seamless transition that was immaculate in execution. It could even be said that in Wang Chao’s entire life, this was his most proudest of strikes.

When Wang Chao had cut him off, Duan Guochao knew that the situation had not looked good. But he did not panic thanks to his experience. His Iron Body began to swell in strength all the way to the very highest level!

His white sportswear began to swell as if the muscles beneath had threatened to tear it apart!

Bang! It was a grab. Despite whatever change Wang Chao would make, he would do a “Throat Hold” and grab the genitals–the vitals of Wang Chao.

But Wang Chao didn’t shrink back at all! Instead, his fists rose! One hand unleashed the “Under Elbow Punch” upwards and the other a “Lower Point Punch” downwards to meet with Duan Guochao blow for blow.

His opponent had practiced the Iron Body and underwent resistance training. But Wang Chao had practiced hard against hard, and firm against firm. It was up to Duan Guochao’s amazing Iron Body, or Wang Chao’s unyielding Five Hammers of Taichi.

Bang bang bang! Fist met fist, and despite his Iron Body, Duan Guochao felt his blood surge as a result of his opponent’s hard rotation Jin.

As long as Wang Chao had the upper hand, then there would be very little people in the world that could defend against him.

The Hammer had become a Pound as Wang Chao’s hands turned to the appropriate posture after shocking Duan Guochao. His legs stamped forward in an abrupt charge. His fists grew even more powerful as if the strength of a rampaging horse had been contained in his body. Each blow had been reminiscent of the power of a stampeding horse .

Duan Guochao’s heart had been like till water. As he dodged left and right, he pondered deeply on a method to escape from this.

After several blows, just as Duan Guochao was about to make a move, he suddenly felt the pressure on him decrease as his opponent had suddenly soared into the air like a sparrow. Then, with three kicks, Wang Chao struck at Duan Guochao’s chest.

“No!” Duan Guochao’s hands moved to protect his chest, but it had been blown apart by Wang Chao’s kick before the next one had stamped clearly onto his chest. With a bang, his Iron Body had been shattered.

Duan Guochao had only felt his strength leave his body as the dark green color fade away from his skin. Then, the third kick of Wang Chao had landed accurately on his throat.

Crack! After his Iron Body had been shattered, Duan Guochao’s throat had been broken from Wang Chao’s kick. His neckbone had shattered, and his neck had caved in. Flying five meters back, Duan Guochao’s body struck against the wall before sliding down without a single breath.

His death had been quick. He hadn’t even had time to say a word.

After being hit by Wang Chao’s “Flying Horse Treading on Sparrow”, then even a man of iron would be blown apart.

“Brother Duan!” When Chen Ke saw Duan Guochao fly away, she wasn’t able to see whether or not he had died. All he knew was that he was injured. With a swishing movement, she pulled out her gun to fire towards Wang Chao and pounce to Duan Guochao.

In her heart, Duan Guochao was an undefeatable god of war. To suddenly lose here, her heart wasn’t able to handle it.

Bang! At the same time Chen ke shot her gun, a bullet struck against the cement ground while Wang Chao disappeared from sight. In the next moment, she saw a green blur right in front of her as Wang Chao reappeared with his hands in a position to block her.

“That is the Blocking Blow of Taichi….” Chen Ke hadn’t been able to finish her thought before she had been sent flying back due to the “Blocking Blow” across the hall and into the glass. Crashing through it, her body landed upon the glass fragments in a bloody mess, whether she was alive or dead, no one knew.

In the battle between he and Duan Guochao, Wang Chao had lost plenty of strength. But he wasn’t as tired as from the battle he had with Yong He and Yong Bao along with the two gunners from yesterday. After all, there was no threat of gunfire during the match here.

But in the end, Chen Ke had brought out her gun. But because she had fired in a state of disorder, her aim hadn’t been very accurate and so Wang Chao was easily able to dodge and return the favor.

Against a gun, Wang Chao would not ease up.

After a bullet, if one went soft against the fairer sex and refused to raise a hand, then it would be the same as taking arsenic and endangering your own life.

At the same time, Ling Dong had naturally taken out his own gun and to fire at the same time as Chen Ke on the other side.

But after Wang Chao had reappeared at Chen Ke’s side, Ling Dong had hesitated to fire. He was afraid of accidentally shooting Chen Ke. And with this reaction, he was now too late.

“Clatter!” The sound of Ling Dong’s gun clattering to the ground could be heard as a bullet had shot straight through his hand.

Lin Yanan had finally made her move. With a swift pull of her own gun, she had fired to disarm Ling Dong.

But Ling Dong was well deserving to be considered a trained agent. Holding his wrist, his leg stamped down on the gun so that it would be kicked up. But in that moment, Wang Chao had already drawn close. Blocking his wrist, Wang Chao wrestled the gun away from him and then released a Returning Body Palm. Like Chen Ke, he was sent flying into the nearby glass of the hall before landing motionlessly on the other side on the glass.

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