RDS Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Do You Wish For Me To Make the Move, or WIll You Do It Yourself?

Wang Chao’s usage of the Body Returning Palm was to first lift the person, shake them up, and then throw them about so that their entire body would be paralyzed.

At this moment, the American woman’s elbow, shoulder, and knee joints were all dislocated. Almost as if she was pinched by a giant hand, her entire body was filled with pain and was unable to do a thing.

But this woman was specially trained as a special service agent. With just a muffled grunt to show her pain, she did not pass out and maintained the calm composure befitting that of an agent.

With one hand grabbing onto her shirt and another onto her waistband, Wang Chao began to rotate her body with ease. Her entire body had been like a whip that spun fast enough that if it were to rain, not a single droplet would get through her body to Wang Chao.

After several rotations, the woman still hadn’t fainted from vertigo. Instead, she continued to let out several gasps, causing Wang Chao to feel some shock. “This woman has quite the unique training. Although she hasn’t trained in martial arts, the training methods of America contains some skill.”

Although he was thinking that, Wang Chao’s hands did not stop moving. With a single step, he flew forward with the woman in hand still like a bird in flight towards the agent Ah Ming.

When Wang Chao grabbed onto the woman, his movements had been impeccably nimble and was a true testament to how strong his martial arts and physical strength was.

He had carried a 180 kilogram mercury filled lead ball into the ocean to practice, what more was a woman who was around 50 kilograms?

This exchange had made him use a series of movements to their maximum. First with the “Snake Probing Through Grass”, and the “Wind Supporting Snake” to dodge the gunshots and then the “Monkey Contracting Body” to hide behind Yong He’s back and use it as a screen of protection against the bullets. And finally, he had gotten up close to the female gunner and rendered her incapable of fighting any longer.

With the female out of the picture, Wang Chao suddenly felt his entire body relax a smidgen! A gunner with excellent skill may not have been trained in martial arts, but they still posed a threat to him, a threat that was bigger than the two Shaolin monks Yong He and Yong Bao.

That was the power of modern day firearms.

With one of those, even a moderately trained person could defeat an expert of the Wulin. If not for Yong He providing protection, Wang Chao would have been shot already.

After scuttling on the ground to the utmost limits, even an expert like Wang Chao had felt fatigued from it. His inner Qi had begun to spike and was boiling to release.

Up against a gun, the experience was quite different.

In this exchange, his mind and intention had been lifted to the utmost max and caused his body to lose energy by at least half maximum efficiency. This was beginning to be even more taxing than fighting against an expert practitioner of martial arts.

If Wang Chao had not practiced underwater before this, then he surely would not have been able to escape.

Cheng Shanming’s training method involved being as nimble as a fish within water. Originally a technique of the Cheng Style school of Baguazhang, it was used to maintain one’s breath and make one’s movements being able to dodge a bullet with ease.

An expert of the Wulin was one who’s Clear and Hidden Jin had reached into their legs. When they used their legs, the speed would be enough to be as fast as wind.

As long as their breathing did not stop, they would be able to move fast enough for even an expert gunner to fail to hit their mark.

In the case that a gunner who was also a martial artist were to reach a level of skill where they were able to naturally shoot their weapon without thinking, then any level of movement was useless.

Cheng Shanming was such a gunner, but these two gunners right in front of Wang Chao was not yet at such a level.

Cheng Tinghua’s death in the past was due to the fact that he hadn’t anticipated the might of firearms. He had blindly went up against his assailants with belief in his own strength that he could defeat them.

In the end when the men from the Eight-Nation Alliance had came in with multiple teams, he had died under the fire several western firearms.

If he had paid attention the might of firearms and escaped up the roof after killing several people faster, then there was a good chance that he might have survived.

But after Cheng Tinghua, many practitioners had begun to realize how powerful firearms were and began to search for a countermeasure.

Then in the Japanese invasion of China in the 19th century, Cheng Tinghua’s nephew Cheng Yougong was in Beijing when he was surrounded by the Japanese soldiers. After making use of his martial arts to stick close to the captain of the unit, the captain had been unable to shake him off. In the end, the other soldiers had been too afraid to shoot and ended up giving Cheng Yougong the chance to scale up the wall and run away.

Xingyiquan grandmaster Xue Dian had died by gunfire as well. The people’s government’s army had used several machine guns to spray and pepper him to death.

With this style, even Sun Lu-tang, Yang Luchan, and Dong Haichuan would die as a result.

But if one’s martial arts were to attain a natural state and return to nothing, then one would be able to detect danger and avoid it.

The male and female agents hadn’t been very accurate with their shots, but it had been enough to force Wang Chao to use his martial arts to the extreme and borrow someone to use as a bunker to survive.

If he were up against two ordinary soldiers or police officers, Wang Chao wouldn’t even need a bunker. Even if they fired at him, Wang Chao wouldn’t be hit. All he would have to do was to wait for them to use up all their ammunition and then proceed to send them flying.

“Hai!” Wang Chao pounced towards Ah Ming in that instant before using the American girl like a staff with a bottle gourd on it to throw and strike at Ah Ming.

When he threw his hostage, Wang Chao’s figure immediately arced over to the coiling mountain path where none of the protruding boulders had been able to stop his movements.

“I want him captured!”

Yong Bao followed Wang Chao’s movements like a cheetah after an antelope. In a moment he had arrived right behind Wang Chao, and with the claw of a tiger, he struck out at Wang Chao’s back ferociously.

Wang Chao had been carrying someone else, so it had affected his movements. Yong Bao’s martial arts was not only pure, but with the breathing exercises of Yoga to strengthen his inner organs to an unbelievable degree, his “Cheetah Pouncing After Antelope” contained a killing move within it and chased after Wang Chao with that move.

“How are you feeling?!” Ah Ming was not as cold hearted as his female partner and so when she was tossed over, he had caught her and leapt onto the road to check up on her.

Everywhere under the female agent’s chin had been affected by the trembling power of earlier, rendering her unable to talk. All she could do was to give Ah Ming a meaningful look.

Wang Chao had dropped down to where the rocks were and began to scale down the mountain like a monkey would with his hands and feet to dodge Yong Bao as well.

With Yong Bao’s movements, Wang Chao had very few methods to act against it. But he had chosen the weaker path of moving away, much to his sorrow.

Because there was still another gunner, if that person were to join up with Yong Bao, then all it would take is a single shot for Wang Chao to die an unjustified death.

And so for whatever reason, Wang Chao couldn’t pause for even a second, but he couldn’t sprint away either. All the gunner had to do was to wait for Wang Chao to break out into a sprint instead of dodging here and there for a sure shot.

In order for some semblance of peace, Wang Chao’s only remaining solution was to get rid of the special agent and Yong Bao.

Ah Ming leapt down with his gun held up. A single bullet had flew by Wang Chao’s body and sent him into a boulder. Bounding back up, Wang Chao flew straight for him at an unbeleivable speed.

Ah Ming never would have imagined that a person would be able to attain such an incredible speed as Wang Chao had.

“If I knew this earlier, I would have called for more reinforcements. Even one would do to capture him. We really underestimated his strength.”

Ah Ming was far stronger than his female partner as he was a disciple of the Shaolin Temple. He was quite proficient in the Tantui of Shaolin, and while he carried his partner, his legs rose and fell to kick in between Wang Chao’s knee joint and tibia while also toting his gun. With a bang, a bullet was shot towards Wang Chao’s waist.

Even up close, the man was still able to fire. Needless to say, Ah Ming was an even better gunner than his female partner.

Originally, Wang Chao had been paying close attention to only the gun in Ah Ming’s hand. But when Wang Chao saw the series of kicks, he knew he couldn’t go head to head and immediately dodged it. With a single step, he had crossed over to the left side.


Yong Bao immediately came up from behind. He could clearly see Wang Chao dodge to the side in a way that Ah Ming wouldn’t be able to protect himself. Immediately charging forward, he took advantage of his forward momentum to strike at Wang Chao with his body.

But Wang Chao was far too nimble in his movements. The first move had been a feint, and another step had brought him to Ah Ming’s back. With a single Eagle Claw, he instantly clutched onto the hand Ah Ming was holding his gun with. With a fierce burst of Jin and a sharp cracking sound, the bones in his wrist had shattered so that Ah Ming’s wrist was similar to Yong He’s leg. Both were mangled to a severe degree, ultimately dropping the gun in Ah Ming’s wrist down onto the ground.

Because Ah Ming was carrying someone else, he was not able to move as fast. Otherwise, he still would have had a chance to contend with Wang Chao during the struggle. But now that e had lost his gun, there was no chance for him anymore.

The Eagle Claw was the first technique in a series of moves. Wang Chao would first grab Ah Ming’s wrist while the other would reach for his throat and carve it out with his nails.

Bang! The windpipe was crushed along with his throat, causing blood to splash out onto the face of the female agent.

Wang Chao’s Eagle Claw was powerful enough to carve out a half inch impression within concrete at a grab. So with a single grab, Ah Ming’s throat would easily be crushed into a pulp in a horrifying sight.

Plop! Unclenching his hand, Wang Chao allowed Ah Ming’s body to fall to the ground. His chest rose and fell along with a gargling sound as he tried his best to fight for his life.

“Hmph!” Wang Chao was no longer a good-natured person with several deaths by his hands now. Not many things could move him, and so when he let go, the only thing he had worried about was if Ah Ming had some sort of bomb on him.

After seeing Ah Ming struggle to breath, Wang Chao began to calm down for a moment. Turning around, his eyes fell upon Yong Bao.

“Do you wish for me to make the make the move, or will you do it yourself?”

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