RDS Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: The First Confrontation Between Guoshu and Gun (One)

After Yong Bao had been forced out of the car window, he was then forced to make use of the breathing exercises of Yoga and then the “Donkey Roll” to escape with his life after Wang Chao had used the “Inner Pound” and “Move Forward and Punch Downwards”.

When the two crossed fists, determining who was the superior one had only taken a single split-second.

Although Yong Bao was stronger in martial arts and had more combat experience, even he wasn’t able to defend himself against the explosive Jin from Wang Chao’s hard rotation.

If it were just Yong Bao by himself, then it was an undeniable fact that he would not be able to last long to Wang Chao before losing. But he had Yong He, a practitioner of the Shaolin Crane Fist with a exquisite skill level in it. Moving towards Lin Yanan, he had first struck at her eyes before moving to strike even more at her courage.

Lin Yanan wasn’t all too bad with her martial arts, but even she couldn’t compare to a warrior monk of Shaolin like Yong He.

Yong He and Yong Bao were both filled with a rather rich experience that could almost pass off as an epic. When they were young, they won over and over again in the American underground arenas. Eventually, the both of them were entered in the American Shaolin Temple schools. Because of their aptitudes, they were noticed and brought in as disciples.

As time went on, the two continued to fight in America and earned so many enemies that it forced them to flee to Mt. Song. Hiding for seven years there, they managed to become one of the higher ranking seniors within the Shaolin Temple.

They were people that became monks despite not being trained for it. They did not have the same air of a master that converted to Buddhism, but because of this, they were able to withstand Wang Chao’s presence without fear. If they were someone that had never experienced a battle to the death, then they would have long since lost their confidence if they went against Wang Chao.

As long as a person has experienced a life or death battle many times, then whenever they prepared to fight, they would leak out a presence that would terrify any regular person.

The warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple fought for the sake of the face of it. They simply could not have men who hadn’t experienced such battles represent them.

With his combat experience, Yong He knew that when fighting, one needed to intimidate first. And the best way to intimidate was to attack the eyes. So in a single movement, he had gained control of the situation.

Not even two exchanges later, Lin Yanan was suddenly put in a precarious situation. Repeatedly dodging to the best of her abilities, she was just barely managing to not get caught by the monk.

Winning was one thing, capturing a person alive was another. Capturing a person alive was ten times more difficult than winning and killing. Although Yong He was far stronger than Lin Yanan, he could not just effortlessly capture her.

Just as Yong He was about to forego everything and go all out, Wang Chao had suddenly appeared. Overtaking the area, his arm had made a chopping motion straight down onto Yong He’s head.

A tiger pounce and chopping fist. Wang Chao’s leap had not used the “Pounding Hammer” of Taichi. Instead, he had fallen back onto the Xingyiquan he knew best since it was a faster strike that did not require having to be coming at the person from the front.

While Wang Chao thought his move to be “swift and agile”, it was anything but that in Yong He’s mind. When Wang Chao leapt, Yong He had realized the tiger’s pounce and chopping sounds through the air straight away.

Even after Yong He had practiced a type of martial arts where one had a “Steel head”, he would not dare try to block such a powerful strike.

Sliding gracefully and crouching down, Yong He’s arms grasped the ground and bounded for the left like an agile monkey. In an instant, he had made his way down the path, and with the usage of both arms and legs, he effortlessly arrived at the rocky hilltop nearby. With this, Wang Chao had no way of chasing him immediately.

The warrior monk Yong He had been like a startled monkey in that moment.

Shaolin had the basis of Xingyiquan in it, so as a senior monk of the “Yong” generation, Yong He had naturally perfected the monkey stance within it to perfection. As a 40 year old, 20 of those years were spent purely on training, and not in vain either. Borrowing the terrain’s power, he had been able to swiftly evade Wang Chao’s chain killing moves.

If one was no match for someone, then outrun them.

If Yong He hadn’t been fast enough to run away and stayed there instead, then Wang Chao would have gone from the chopping motion to the Eagle’s Claw. And from the Eagle’s Claw, the Eagle’s Tear and Eagle’s Rip. Even if Yong He was able to successfully defend himself against that, then he would have been caught in Wang Chao’s fierce energy and would have breathed his life breath in his grasp.

This mountain path lead straight to Victoria Harbor, and was thus very expansive. While the four persons were fighting, many cars could be seen traveling around them without a single one stopping the car to question what was going on, and no police had appeared either. At the very most, people would look for two seconds before quickly continuing on their way.

Hong Kong films were growing more and more popular, so it was a relatively common sight. Two monks, one male, and female. Nothing more needed to be said about this, it was most definitely a Hong Kong film. Many people from Hong Kong had seen such a sight before, so something like this was almost as ordinary as eating rice and drinking water. There was no need to be startled.

However, what all these passersby didn’t know was that the two monks, male, and female were far from playing around. They were not making a film.

“How unfortunate that we weren’t allowed to carry guns in the airport. Otherwise, we could have easily resolved this matter with the monks. We just need to get in the car and go, there’s no need to fight with these monks or the Shaolin Temple, pah!”

When Lin Yanan saw that Wang Chao was forcing back the two monks, she cried out a series of words in a rapid-fire manner.

“Where would we go?!”

“There’s the army of Hong Kong nearby. As long as we make contact, then we can borrow their forces along with the Hong Kong police to flush out these men! These two monks are clearly connected to the Americans.”

As the two spoke, they arrived near the car. Naturally, Lin Yanan had wanted to drive her and Wang Chao away.

“Thinking of escaping, are we?” At that moment, Yong Bao had reached the other side of the car. Opening the door to the driver’s seat, he gave a mighty stamp and kicked the steering wheel with a crackling sound.

The steering wheel flew off through to the other side of the car where it struck Lin Yanan in the face.

Lin Yanan turned an elbow to strike at the steering wheel, but this car would no longer be able to drive.

Wang Chao’s eyes flashed once before pulling Lin Yanan backwards several steps.

“You run first! I’ll kill these monks!”

“Got it!” Lin Yanan gave a knowing nod before running away in a sprint. As long as she could escape the mountain path and take a taxi, she would be able to avert disaster.

“Yong He, stop that woman, don’t let her escape!”

Yong Bao cried out. Without needing to be told, Yong He knew how serious the situation was. With both hands and feet, he moved like a monkey down the rocky hill. With a fierce leap, his arms extended wide like a red-crowned crane taking flight to block Lin Yanan’s path.

Just at that moment, Wang Chao’s figure appeared out of nowhere. Spearing forward past Lin Yanan, his hands turned into claws that clutched at Yong He’s throat before tearing it out.

This was Wang Chao’s “Eagle Claw Lock”, a move filled with killing intent. Fighting these two monks had finally incurred his killing intent, and his hand would no longer stay soft, each move was to kill.

Wang Chao’s movement and leg work was from his experience with the “Flying Horse Treading on Sparrow”, and working a lead ball underwater. The both of them were practically perfect and lightning quick.

With the Baguazhang way of moving, one would open and close, stick close and stay afar, and transverse eight to ten meters in length. With a simple sway, most ordinary people wouldn’t be able to make sense of his movements.

Wang Chao’s current foot movements were not too far off from the two grandmasters of Xinyiquan and Baguazhang, Guo Yunshen and Cheng Tinghua.

Speaking in terms of the killing potential of a bullet, only in the hands of a gunner like Cheng Shanming would these two grandmasters lose.

Yong He had only just stopped Lin Yanan, so he had not thought that Wang Chao would act so fast. In an instant, he had came from behind her and lashed out with an eagle claw before he could even widen his eyes in surprise.

The hairs on his throat had instantly spiked up one by one so that they protruded in lumps like a frog.

Ignoring Lin Yanan now, both hands lashed out like a “Lion Playing With Ball”. Fiercely grabbing hold of Wang Chao’s fist, he simultaneously took a step back. Then neutralizing the momentum, he sprung back forward. With a forward chop, he was planning on snapping Wang Chao’s arm.

In that moment where Yong He charged forward and chopped, his leg came flying out like an arrow towards Wang Chao’s genitalia.

This was the Shaolin style of “18 Capturing Hands” specifically meant to breaking bones, muscles, the genitals, tripping, close combat, and fighting against a sword empty-handedly. Many soldiers and police officers were often times trained in this style that had been formed from Shaolin.

But Wang Chao didn’t care that his claw had lost strength. No matter how much Yong He tried, he would not be able to. At the same time, his other hand formed a fist. With a burst of Jin, the ground began to shake with the recoil. This “Earthbreaking Pound” was then sent down at the foot Yong He had lashed out with at his genitals.

Yong He’s leg that was aimed at Wang Chao’s genitals had a second move. As soon as he saw Wang Chao punch downwards, his leg had made a change to fall back down while the other leg came flying up in it’s place. This had to be the way of the lame leg of the “Continuous Dual Kicking Form”. The first leg was a false strike while the second leg was the actual killing move.

But Wang Chao had another move in preparation as well. The “Groundbreaking Pound” had transformed as well to protect his body to become the “Lower Point Punch”.

A switch from the Pound to the Hammer had made him circulate his Jin throughout his entire body forcibly. On his neck, a seemingly single blue snake appeared to be bulging up under his skin in a terrifying fashion.

At the same time, his clothes began to tighten and split open as his muscles puffed up in a series of ripping sounds!

Bang! The fist made contact with Yong He’s leg with a bone breaking sound. Blood spilt everywhere as Yong He let out a cry of pain and fell back 8 meters. The part of his leg where Wang Chao’s fist had smashed was a mangled mess where the bones and flesh had mixed together.

Bang! Bang bang!

Just as Yong He flew back, a black car came driving forward before coming to a halting stop. From the back came a male and female—the male had been Chinese, but the female was a fair-haired and blue-eyed foreigner.

When the two came out from the car, their hands held a gun and shot at Wang Chao!

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