RDS Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: The Marksmanship of the Cheng School of Baguazhang

“Blow up Shen Hong’s villa and blame the Chenshi Corporation? Then force Cheng Shanming out to see if he’s willing to work with the nation? That’s a little…”

Hearing Lin Yanan’s words, Wang Chao felt shocked. Both his eyes looked at the female naval officer for a moment to see if she was joking or not. But when he saw it wasn’t, he let out a shocked breath of air.

“This is Singapore, and while it is under the protection of America, what kind of conflict would happen because of this? Although you put up makeup and pretend to be someone else, there will be a trace. The Americans have plenty of power in Singapore, if they do an investigation, everything would make sense. I doubt we should take this course of action.”

While Wang Chao devoted himself to martial arts, he wasn’t some sort saint that would ignore the happenings of the outside world. Such things like common sense was known to him as well.

Singapore’s location was directly on the hook of the Strait of Melaka. This geographical location was the most important one in Southeast Asia and was also the outlier of the nation.

The entire Southeast Asia was a place where crimes against humanity was committed such as prostitution, drugs, firefights, and pirating would happen one after another.But this specific spot on the Strait of Melaka was like the eye of the storm and was called the world’s safest area. Everything could be attributed to an example of how the American government was proficient in controlling them.

When the Americans planted a naval base in Okinawa, Japan, they had controlled the entire maritime space in Asia.

This wasn’t Guangzhou where they could openly use a rocket launcher to open doors. Although Lin Yanan and the others all held special identities, they had to be especially careful now to not cause any major trouble, or an international scandal could be caused.

“It’s true Singapore is under the protection of America.” Lin Yanan spoke while shaking her head, “But, the situation now is not like the situation several years ago. Southeast Asia is a pack of cards waiting to be reshuffled once more. The Americans cannot forever hold sovereignty over the waters of Asia. When we came, we had already asked for instructions. A game of powers is a long-term process to unfold. We ordinary people won’t understand it, and the two of us will never be able to, but as long as we do as the organization instructs and asks, we will be fine.”

“This time, the thoughts of the organization can be summed up in three words, ‘Do not worry’. With this thought, we shall carry out the plan.”

With that, Lin Yanan turned around, “Boulder, send out a message to everyone to gather up! We will draw close to the Chinese Revival Society by the shorelines and investigate the surroundings. Try not to use the large-caliber bullets if you can. If we startle the Singaporean police, then they are not to be trifled with. As long as we aren’t caught, everything will be fine. If we are caught, the organization will disavow you.”

Lin Yanan’s words had not gone unnoticed by Wang Chao. If they were not caught, then even if the Singaporean and American government were to realize who was responsible, nothing could be done. However, if they were caught, then they would have to die for their nation. Whenever a soldier from a country is sent on such a mission, being casted out was a common thing to expect.

“Understood!” Boulder gave a deep shout of understanding while Axe and Hammer turned around to walk away. Not too long, they had quickly disappeared into the forests near the parks without a trace.

“They’ll be…” Wang Chao spoke.

“We have a secret institution within Singapore with acquaintances within it. Thus, we are familiar with how Singapore works, so no mistakes will be made. Come, let’s wait and call for a car to get to the scene. It won’t be good if Boulder is the one that meets with Cheng Shanming instead of you.”

Wang Chao had never imagined that an originally dangerous and complicated matter would suddenly become a walk in the park after Lin Yanan was done planning everything. He could have taken his time and walked there to his destination, but a car ride had been given to him.

“Are we really going to blame the Chenshi Corporation?” Lin Yanan and Wang Chao were in no hurry and walked casually along the shorelines.

As he thought of Lin Yanan’s plans, Wang Chao couldn’t help but think about Chen Aiyang and Chen Bin. Such an action like this, wouldn’t that cause harm to the two of them? As a friend, he didn’t wish to do that.

Lin Yanan gave Wang Chao a look as if her eyes could see through his mind, “Your friendship with Chen Aiyang and the relationship between the Chenshi Corporation and them are two different matters. You know that the Chenshi Corporation uses every means possible in order to smuggle all sorts of drugs from the coasts into the mainlands? With just Guangdong along, the Chenshi Corporation has already transported several thousand kilograms. Remember, this isn’t just a few kilograms, this is several thousand kilograms. More than a ton. All from just a single year of trafficking.”

“A ton of drugs?” Wang Chao thought. “If the nation knows about this, why haven’t they done something about it?”

“Of course we fight it, there’s just far too much to fight. In this world, there is white, and there is black. To destroy the drug rings is impossible. The Chenshi Corporation has connections with the drug traffickers in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and even Thailand. These same people are involved with even the government, so if we wanted to completely destroy them, we would need the navy to surround them on the open seas. Think about it, if we were to mobilize a large-scale operation in the Asian waters, would they not cause an international scandal? Who knows what type of paper the Americans would write about it.”

“Not only has the Chenshi Corporation dabbled with drug trafficking, but one of their major businesses is in ammunition and firearm smuggling. You should differentiate between your personal and business friendship with Chen Aiyang.”

“That is to be expected. Public is public, private is private. Chen Aiyang and Chen Bin are friends of mine in the martial arts world, and I will not interfere with them in any other aspect. If the organization has made their mind, I will not meddle. The Chenshi Corporation isn’t lead by the two either.” Wang Chao sighed.

As Lin Yanan was explaining the underhand business deals of the Chenshi Corporation, a signal could be heard originating from her lapels.

“Let’s go then.” Lin Yanan smiled. Wang Chao nodded and the two immediately got back into a car to head towards the villa of Shen Hong.

Roughly thirty kilometers away from the shorelines in a villa, Cheng Shanming had already changed into a different suit of clothes and sat in a large room.

In the middle of the room was a single wooden chair befitting that of a master. By its side was a sleek and glossy wooden staff with a noticeable grain design.

Calmly, Cheng Shanming sat on the chair with as much movement as a stone statue. In truth, his inner mind was nowhere as calm as he tried to calm himself.

“I never would have thought that the martial arts world of China hadn’t decayed yet. There are many experienced youths, and the youth I fought with tonight was especially different. The sounds of thunder has reached his fist, and although he has not yet reached the Transforming Jin stage, his fists carry a unyielding nature to it as well as an impeccable inspiration. Even I was of no match to him in that aspect. At the very beginning, I had been at the disadvantage and was even being beaten. Despite my martial arts being better, I was pressured in an instant by his inspiration.”

On one hand, Cheng Shanming was thinking back to the battle he had fought Wang Chao in, and on the other hand, his ear was constantly trembling as he listened to the noises coming from all around him.

There were many places around him that exuded sound in a noisy manner.

He knew that Shen Hong had already hired some people to monitor his movements. He had long since lost his own freedom to move about.

“What a group of pipsqueaks, they wish to limit my movement?” Cheng Shanming let out a small smirk, “While the situation in Southeast Asia is quite complicated, my elder martial brother is something else. We both left our homelands for North America, and that should have been fine. But he ended up going to the damnable lands of Vietnam. As a result, he lost his independence and then his life.”

“The Chinese Revival Society wishes to borrow my martial arts to gamble with the Chenshi corporation, but why would I let their dreams be so easily fulfilled? If not for Shen Hong controlling my elder martial brother, then he wouldn’t have rushed to his death on the stage. Hmph! The cause of my brother’s death can be blamed on the Chinese Revival Society as well. This time, if I don’t cause them to go bankrupt, just how would I complete my vengeance?”

Cheng Shanming had a small icy smile as he continue to think.

He was a man that knew who to blame, and who to thank. Although Chen Aiyang had been the one to kill Zhang Guangming on the stage, the blame could be split with the Chinese Revival Society. Every single competition who had a master die were forced to participate due to a hidden reason. This time, Cheng Shanming had came to take revenge on Chen Aiyang. But most importantly, he would take vengeance on the Chinese Revival Society.

On a similar note, Zhang Wei’s leap into the sea after his battle with Wang Chao couldn’t be completely blamed on him. If the friends of Zhang Wei were to realize the situation behind the fight, then roughly 60% of the blame could be pinned on the Ike Corporation which had forced Zhang Wei to fight.

“Now is not the time. When I return to Canada, I will send another letter over to challenge Chen Aiyang to an official match later. For now, I believe I should go. Just what fighter would the Chinese Revival Society find to replace me in next month’s battle?”

“This villa has five different sentries in the eastern, southern, western, and northern corners. Each one of them should have guns while the last sentry is in the flower garden with a rather impressive ambush set up When I came, I saw each of them had plenty of calluses on their trigger fingers. They must have trained daily with a gun. If I don’t escape tonight, then tomorrow when Shen Hong brings us out from Singapore to the Chinese Revival Society, escape will be even harder! This is Singapore, as long as I can make my getaway here, they will not dare to send assassins after me. My disciples can prepare a boat for me. If I just make my escape, I will be able to get onto it and head straight for Malaysia. From there, I will be able to return to North America where I can enjoy watching the two companies fight it out.”

Cheng Shanming was an exceptional person in Canada. This was not limited to martial arts or fighting; his way of thinking had been an anomaly in comparison. He had both wisdom and courage that allowed him to strategize confidently.

This time when he had realized he would have to fight with and for the Chinese Revival Society, he had secretly made some plans.

He had many disciples in Canada after branching out his Cheng school of Baguazhang. Amongst these disciples were the children of the rich and powerful who could help him in many ways. Several of these disciples had already managed to procure him a boat. As long as he made it out of Singapore, he would be able to embark the boat and escape to Malaysia first and then return to Canada.

“I came to take revenge for brother Zhang Guangming. A simple match will not suffice. I must ensure that both the Chinese Revival Society and the Chenshi Corporation end up both losing.”

At that moment, his came to a single conclusion. Turning around and bring his spear up, he brought the chair he had been sitting on flying out the window and onto the courtyards with a shattering sound.

This sound had caused a commotion which brought many people running.

Because Shen Hong was in Singapore and not his main home, he had to hire several people to secretly monitor Cheng Shanming. However, because he couldn’t say that out loud and had to show a respectful attitude to him, he had allowed Cheng Shanming to have a spear to wield in his room.

Originally, he had planned on making his escape on the way here. However, Shen Hong’s people had been watching him closely, and he was afraid of causing a commotion that would cause the police of Singapore to come. The Singaporean police had many connections to the Chenshi Corporation; Cheng Shanming had no desire to escape the wolf’s den that was the Chinese Revival Society and into the tiger’s cave that was the Chenshi Corporation.

His thoughts had been detailed and his plans meticulous. Each and every aspect had been carefully thought of.

So it was only now that he made a move.

“When I was in Canada, I’ve encountered bullets from different gangs many times before. Did they wish to entrap me with such a small amount of guns? It’s unfortunate, if only elder Cheng had understood the might of firearms, then he would have devised a way to dodge them more efficiently and not met an end like he did.”

Practitioners of the Cheng-style Baguazhang had skills specializing in dodging bullets after the elder Cheng Tinghua died from them. As time went on, they had many stances and movements that allowed for them to dodge gunfire.

In Canada, Cheng Shanming had encountered gun users many times over. As a result, he had been careful and was never too cock. When there was cover, he would take it. When there was an opening, he would take it. And when he was close enough, he would kill them.

As the chair fell into the garden and shattered the peace; Cheng Shanming’s spear was thrust through the window. Following the spear was Cheng Shanming himself who landed on the ground as nimbly as a cat and fiercely brought the spear in a ready position!

His spear shot out like lightning and was instantly thrust into one of the sentries who popped out from his northwestern spot.

This man hadn’t even been able to let out a sound before he was killed by Cheng Shanming.

At the same time, Cheng Shanming rolled over not a second too soon to avoid the gunfire of another. His spear lashed out and instantly brought the pistol flying away from the man who had fired.

Grabbing the pistol out of midair, Cheng Shanming hadn’t even needed to look before pulling the trigger of the pistol thrice.

Bang bang bang! Three separate gunshots into three separate corners had caused for three separate men to cry out in pain as they were shot to death.

Cheng Shanming was an expert with the gun as well! At this, it seemed that his skill couldn’t be too far away from Boulder and the other soldiers!

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